Win32::GUI::UserGuide::Readme - Perl-Win32 Graphical User Interface
    Extension README


    Win32::GUI is a Win32-platform native graphical user interface toolkit
    for perl. Basically, it's an XS implementation of most of the functions
    found in user32.dll and gdi32.dll, with an object oriented perl
    interface and an event-based dialog model that mimic the functionality
    of visual basic.


    This is the README file for Win32::GUI v1.14 built on 01 Jun 2017.

    Source and ActiveState Perl PPMs are available from

    A cygwin distribution (available through cygwin's setup.exe) is
    maintained by Reini Urban (

    If the Win32::GUI version number contains an underscore, then it is an
    alpha, beta or release candidate distribution. If there is no such
    underscore, then it is a stable release.


  ActiveState ActivePerl PPMs

    It is recommended to uninstall any previous version of Win32::GUI before
    installing a new version. This ensures old documentation is removed
    correctly. From a command prompt run:

      ppm uninstall Win32-GUI

    If you have any packages that are dependent on Win32::GUI you may need
    to add the "-force" option to the command line. See your documentation
    for PPM.

    Unzip the PPM distribution into a local directory. From a command prompt
    in that directory run:

      ppm install ./Win32-GUI.ppd


    Runtime requirements:


    Use the cygwin setup.exe tool to locate, download and install the
    perl-Win32-GUI binary package.

    Cygwin port questions to the mailinglist <>

Building from source

    Unpack the distribution into a local directory, and from a command
    prompt in that directory follow the instructions below.

    These instructions assume that you have already set up your build
    environment, and can build source distributions. The following
    environments are known to work:

  Microsoft Visual C++ V6

    Other versions may work. There are reported issues with VC++ 7 which
    links with a different C runtime to VC++ 6, and so you may have issues
    running an extension built with VC++ 7 with the ActiveState Perls.

      perl Makefle.PL
      nmake test
      nmake install

  MinGW and ExtUtils::FakeConfig

      perl -MConfig_m Makefile.PL
      nmake test
      nmake install

    Built this way the GUI.dll extension can be very large (~3MB). There is
    a module in the build_tools directory that works with Config_m and
    Extutils::FakeConfig to set the MinGW compiler flags more optimally. If
    you want to try this, then replace the first command with:

      perl -Ibuild_tools -MConfig_mO Makefile.PL

  Strawberry Perl

      perl Makefile.PL
      dmake test
      dmake install


    Build requirements (over and above the runtime requirements above):


    Build instructions:

    unpack perl-Win32-GUI-X.XX-X-src.tar.bz2. If you use setup to install
    this src package, it will be unpacked under /usr/src automatically.

      cd /usr/src
      ./ all

    This will create:


    Port Notes:

    The dll's must probably be rebased. If a remap error occurs run
    rebaseall from the rebase package. The packaged version is already
    rebased to my personal settings.

    For a source build from the official source, the standard build process
    should be sufficient:

      Perl Makefile.PL
      make test
      make install


  POD documentation

    When building from source the POD documentation is built automatically
    by the make process. It can also be generated by issuing:

      nmake poddocs;

  HTML Documentation

    HTML documentation is included with the PPM distributions, and installed
    into your ActiveState Perl documentation tree by the install process.

    The HTML documentation can also be generated by issuing:

      nmake htmldocs;

Building your own PPM from source

    You will need tar, gzip and zip utilities on your path. Issue the
    following commands.

      perl Makefile.PL (adjust as necessary for your build environment)
      nmake test
      nmake ppm

    This procedure will generate a PPM for your current perl environment,
    including the HTML documentation, ready for installation as above.


    Documentation for Win32::GUI v1.14 created 01 Jun 2017

    This document is autogenerated by the build process. Edits made here
    will be lost. Edit docs/GUI/UserGuide/Readme.pod instead.


    Homepage: <>.

    For further support join the users mailing list from the website at
    There is a searchable list archive at


    Copyright (c) 1997..2017 Aldo Calpini. All rights reserved.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.