Created:      2014-09-03
Home page:    <https://metacpan.org/release/LWP-UserAgent-CHICaching>
Bug tracker:  <https://github.com/kjetilk/p5-lwp-useragent-chicaching/issues>
Maintainer:   Kjetil Kjernsmo (KJETILK) <kjetilk@cpan.org>

0.04	2016-03-07	Support manipulated the cached response

 - Added: Role to control cache insertion and retrieval
 - Make the test test for 2 or 3 second age

0.03	2015-06-29	Fix testing on old Perls

 - Skip some tests on old Perl versions, that doesn't support test syntax.

0.02	2015-06-29	Improve the support for Vary header

 - Add Moo version dep for coerce to work.
 - Added: Improve documentation.
 - Added: More tests.
 - Added: New role for simplest keys and Vary treatment.
 - Added: New role for when Vary is *.
 - Added: Refactor key and logic for Vary headers in roles on their own.

0.01	2015-06-26	Improve support for RFC7234

 - Added: Add Perl version dep for better kwalitee.
 - Added: Improve distro metadata.
 - Added: Support large parts of RFC7234.

0.002	2015-02-17	Create a Role

 - Refactor the code into a Role.
   Matt S Trout++

0.001	2015-02-17	Initial release