Changes for version 0.002 - 2016-05-15

Changes for version 0.001_04 - 2016-04-13

Changes for version 0.001_03 - 2016-03-07

Changes for version 0.001_02 - 2016-02-20

Changes for version 0.001_01 - 2016-02-17


Role to create plans for accessing triples in the cache.
An access plan for Linked Data Fragments
Experimental prefetching SPARQL query cacher
Extending the query planner with cache and SPARQL support
LWP::UserAgent for caching SPARQL Queries


in lib/AtteanX/Model/
in lib/AtteanX/Model/SPARQLCache/
in lib/AtteanX/Plan/LDF/Triple/
in lib/AtteanX/Query/Cache/
in lib/AtteanX/Query/Cache/Analyzer/
in lib/AtteanX/Query/Cache/Analyzer/
in lib/AtteanX/Query/Cache/
in lib/AtteanX/QueryPlanner/Cache/
in lib/Plack/App/AtteanX/Query/