package SPVM::Cloner;


=head1 Name

SPVM::Cloner - Interface Type for the Callback to Clone a Object

=head1 Usage
  use Cloner;
  use Point;
  my $cloner = (Cloner)method : object ($object : object) {
    my $point = (Point)$object;
    my $cloned_point = Point->new($point->x, $point->y);
    return $cloned_point;
  my $point = Point->new(1, 2);
  my $cloned_point = $cloner->($point);

=head1 Description

L<Cloner|SPVM::Cloner> is the interface type for the callback to clone a object.

=head1 Interface Methodss

  required method : object ($object : object);

The implementation must receive a object and return the cloned object.

=head1 Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2023 Yuki Kimoto

MIT License