This is the whole Release System:

Autodoc Automatically generated documentation using the deptree util 
	under the utils dir.  Useful for determining what functions are 
	called in a specific function. (though not entirely accurate)
	The HTML documentation thus far. Not complete of course, but I
	hope better than nothing.

	The Perl5 library of common code
	Also contains oracle schema and tools under /misc

	The client-side (developer) tools

	The server-side (release manager) tools

	Misc utils related to release manager
	Includes sysmonitor utility to monitor uptime of processes and URLS

Additional notes:

IMS::DBConnect::GetDBConnect is a method to connect to oracle.
Replace any of these calls with a standard DBI->connect call.


You may redistribute this under the terms of the Artistic License,
as specified in the README file of Perl itself.  Please see the
file ARTISTIC in your distribution of Perl or view the license at

You may send bug fixes and updates to 
Please put "OPENSOURCE" in the subject line.

This package is copyright 1998-2000 by Hewlett-Packard Company 


Randy Ray
Kevin Greene