This repository contains a directory full of utilities to bolt on
to CPAN-targeting distributions, to add useful `travis-ci` features to those dists.


All that is needed at present to get started, is a copy of `git` that provides `git subtree`, and a copy of `Path::FindDev` from `CPAN`.

You don't need `Path::FindDev` during deployment, its just used to streamline
automated patching.


First, check out a copy of these scripts, it can be a temporary directory,
and you'll only need to do this once.

$ mkdir /tmp/tci-scripts
$ cd    /tmp/tci-scripts
$ git   clone https://github.com/kentfredric/travis-scripts.git

Then, chdir to the root of your project

$ chdir $PROJECT

And lastly, execute the installer

$ /tmp/tci-scripts/sync_tree.pl

This will create the folder called `maint-travis-ci` within your distribution,
with a tree installed by `git subtree`, which will track this distribution.

To update your copy of `/maint-travis-ci` to the latest, simply execute

$ $PROJECT/maint-travis-ci/sync_tree.pl

While somewhere in your project.


Note, this tool uses `Path::FindDev`, and by proxy, `Path::IsDev` to find a development
root directory somewhere in the ancestry of `$CWD`.

As such, you will likely need to appease `Path::IsDev` by having a file of some description that
marks the root of the development tree.