Minimal release atm.

Send bug reports ( or preferably patches ) if you want inclusion.

Will generate extra .pm files on demand as soon as we have members (
Trivial Effort )

Recommended quiz for people who have no idea and just want to play
along: <>

Its not guaranteed to be accurate, but that doesn't matter.

Its a generalisation tool.

Just because the generalisation holds that averages of demographic
X[0..50] is "Y", that does not mean you can take X[1] and assert Y.

However, knowing X[1] is between X[0] and X[50] you can conjecture their
odds at being relative to the demographic average Y.

Thus, one can conjecture what one *might* do in a slightly better manner
than enumerating all possible behaviours observed in humans.

Blah blah blah more ranting here.

Creds to "ETHER" <> for the original
entry I stole all the things from and refactored them to death,

Subsequently, my source file is a lot smaller and needs about 3
variables modifed to make a new type.

So just change the files in "/authorlists"


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