0.06  2008-06-07

- added spaces to the strftime formats, as required by POSIX.  Thanks to Brandt
  Kurowski for highlighting the problem. Fixes bug #32580.
- support newer MySQL formats. Fixes bug #23840.

0.05  Jul 21, 2004

- It seems that 0.04 was incorrectly bundled onto CPAN after my Solaris testing.

0.04  Feb 02, 2004

- fixed the test failure on sun4-solaris (and probably others)
  The problem was a bug (IMO) in strptime on Solaris: if you didn't scan
  the month-day in the date, it filled the struct tm with 0, which causes
  mktime to go back to the previous month.

- the constructors now wrap Time::Piece calls in eval so they won't die when
  you pass invalid dates from MySQL.  Your application should vaidate dates
  before storing them in MySQL, but (like me) you may have to process data
  that some less careful programmer has left for you.

0.03  May 02, 2003

- new maintainer: Marty Pauley <marty+perl@kasei.com>
- added mysql_timestamp method
- now using Test::More

0.02  Jun 11, 2002

- Forgot to fill in README.  Doh!

0.01  Jun 11, 2002

- First release