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Revision history for Perl extension Search::HiLiter.

1.007 1 May 2018
 - Fix test to reflect latest Perl removes '.' from @INC

1.006 24 March 2018
 - Apparently toLOWER_utf8_safe is not present before Perl 5.26

1.005 24 March 2018
 - Fix Perl warning about deprecated toLOWER_utf8 and some compiler warnings.

1.004 11 March 2016
 - Carp::cluck() in to_utf8() is the string argument is undefined

1.003 08 June 2015
 - swapped namespace::autoclean in, namespace::sweep out. See

1.002 18 Aug 2014
 - warn and skip undefined transliteration mappings

1.001 23 July 2014
 - zap use of File::Slurp in tests
 - small optimization to to_utf8() to privilege is_ascii() over
   other encoding tests.

1.000_01 21 July 2014
 - test 'use locale' (and its absence) against cpantesters

1.000 18 April 2014
 - the official Moo release

0.999_04 11 April 2014
 - make namespace::sweep dependency explicit in Makefile.PL. Same issue as 0.999_03.

0.999_03 11 April 2014
 - make Moo dependency explicit as cpantesters does not seem to pull it in
   via Search::Query

0.999_01 08 April 2014
 - Drop Rose::ObjectX::CAF object system in favor of Moo + Class::XSAccessor.
   Moo is required by Search::Query (dependency) and 
   Class::XSAccessor was already being used by Rose::Object if present.

0.99 02 March 2014
 - Snipper doc fixes
 - change !$query to !defined $query check in @_ unrolling

0.98 14 Nov 2013
 - add new method as_sentences() to TokenListUtils
 - fix perl_to_xml for blessed objects

0.97 4 Oct 2013
 - fix_cp1252_codepoints_in_utf8 now operates on bytes internally in regex

0.96 13 June 2013
 - force blessed references to stringify in xml conversion

0.95 7 June 2013
 - make POD tests optional with PERL_AUTHOR_TEST

0.94 31 May 2013
 - quiet regex whitespace warning in Perl >= 5.18.0

0.93 19 March 2013
 - (more) fix off-by-one memory bug regression introduced in 0.91

0.92 19 March 2013
 - QueryParser->stemmer will now coerce return values through to_utf8() (RT
 - fix off-by-one memory bug regression introduced in 0.91

0.91 4 March 2013
 - XML->escape() now converts single quote to ' instead of ' in
   order to conform with both the HTML and XML specs.

0.90 14 Feb 2013
 - fix bug in refactor of perl_to_xml where 2nd arg is hashref representing
   root element.

0.89 14 Feb 2013
 - fix bug in refactor of perl_to_xml to preserve markup escaping for old

0.88 13 Feb 2013
 - fix bug in Snipper when strip_markup=>1 and show=>1 and length of text
   less than max_chars
 - XML->perl_to_xml now supports named key/value hashref as argument
   instead of C-style method signature.

0.87 12 Feb 2013
 - XML->tag_safe() now catches edge case where double colons (as in Perl
   package names) are properly escaped.
 - add Snipper->strip_markup feature

0.86 04 Jan 2013
 - switch from " to ' marks in HiLiter tag attributes. This allows for
   compat with hiliting within JSON blobs.

0.85 03 Dec 2012
 - fix failing test t/30-perl-to-xml.t from assuming predictable hash key
   order, which in Perl >= 5.17.6 is random. See

0.84 25 Oct 2012
 - internal HeatMap refactor to relax sanity checks around stemmed phrase

0.83 12 Oct 2012
 - UTF8::is_sane_utf8() now runs through entire string instead of stopping
   at first suspect sequence.
 - add Query->unique_terms, ->num_unique_terms, ->phrases, and
   ->non_phrases methods in aid to HeatMap, which needed a refactor to fix
   a bug affecting duplicate terms in phrases when stemming was on.

0.82 28 Sept 2012
 - fix off-by-one bug in HeatMap proximity counting for phrases

0.81 6 Sept 2012
 - refactor sanity check for HeatMap matches against phrases, to try and
   avoid false positives when stemmer is used.
 - HeatMap weight now includes term proximity when sorting likely snippets

0.80 3 Sept 2012
 - fix Query->matches_* stemming support to work with phrases.

0.79 22 Aug 2012
 - allow XML->perl_to_xml to support root_element as a hashref with tag and

0.78 21 Aug 2012
 - optimizations to HeatMap and Snipper sentence detection, which has the
   nice side effect of avoiding breaking HTML entities in snipped HTML. To
   take advantage, use as_sentences => 1.

0.77 15 Aug 2012
 - add stemming support for Query->matches_html and Query->matches_text
 - add HiLiter->html_stemmer with passthrough to plain_stemmer until
   failing test cases materialize.
 - some fixes for stemming support, mostly turning off optimizations based
   on regular expressions.

0.76 7 Aug 2012
 - finally(!) add real stemming tests and support to Snipper and HiLiter 

0.75 6 Aug 2012
 - add some tests for Perl 5.17.x test failures
 - fix edge case where short snip generated spurious ellipses

0.74 21 May 2012
 - yank some meta data from a test doc to avoid security scan problems on

0.73 13 May 2012 (Happy Mothers Day)
 - fix edge case with snipping phrases that contain non-word characters
   other than spaces.

0.72 30 April 2012
 - more fixes, similar to 0.71 (for now missing Keywords class)

0.71 28 Feb 2012
 - fix failing tests due to removed classes in 0.70

0.70 23 Feb 2012
 - refactor XML->escape for some performance gain
 - remove long-deprecated Keywords classes

0.69 22 Feb 2012
 - fix XML->escape() to preserve UTF-8 flag on the returned SV*

0.68 15 Jan 2012
 - add missing dTHX macro per

0.67 12 Jan 2012
 - bolster Tokenizer sentence detection, adding list of abbreviations from
 - fix missing 'lang' param for SpellCheck
 - fix placement of dSP macro in tokenize() C func to properly scope stack
 - add slurp() method to Search::Tools

0.66 05 Dec 2011
 - undo 0.65 change, since HTML entities are case sensitive

0.65 02 Dec 2011
 - lowercase named entity matches. patch from Adam Lesperance.

0.64 02 Dec 2011
 - optimizations to regex matching in Query->matches and HiLiter
 - according to Unicode spect \xfeff (BOM) is deprecated as whitespace
   character in favor of \x2060. HTML whitespace definition changed
 - fix edge case in HiLiter where match on single letter could cause
   infinite loop.
 - add Query->fields method to see the fields searched for.
 - fix XML->unescape_named to support entities with \d in them, and

0.63 06 Oct 2011
 - change __func__ macro to use FUNCION__ instead since Perl core
   implements that portable macro.

0.62 26 Aug 2011
 - remove ';' as sentence boundary character (it was marked as TODO in
   search-tools.c) because character entities use it (e.g. &).

0.61 29 July 2011
 - add term_min_length option to QueryParser, to ignore terms unless then
   are N chars or longer. Useful for skipping single-character words when
   Snipping or HiLiting. For backwards compatibility the default is 1.
 - fix treat_uris_like_phrases regex to add / character in addition to @.\

0.60 13 July 2011
 - fix whitespace def to include   (broke HTML::HiLiter)

0.59 19 June 2011
 - add normalize_whitespace feature to XML->no_html() method.
 - add several Unicode whitespace defs to $whitespace regex in XML class

0.58 27 May 2011
 - fix unescaped string in regex in HiLiter

0.57 22 Feb 2011
 - extend bug-fix from 0.56 to prevent false matches on match markers.

0.56 10 Feb 2011
 - fix bug where query terms 'span' or 'style' were breaking hiliting by

0.55 25 Oct 2010
 - disable one more test for perl >= 5.14 (see 0.54)

0.54 24 Oct 2010
 - fixes for Search::Query 0.18
 - disabled some tests that break under perl >= 5.14.  See

0.53 26 June 2010
 - add ->matches_text and ->matches_html methods to Query class

0.52 22 June 2010
 - tweek locale tests because some OSes (linux) use 'UTF8' instead of
   'UTF-8' naming.
 - small optimizations to HiLiter

0.51 23 May 2010
 - singularizer in XML->perl_to_xml will now treat common English plurals

0.50 19 May 2010
 - fix default regex for QueryParser->term_re and Tokenizer->re to match
   default QueryParser->word_characters. The chief difference is that now
   the hyphen "-" is considered a word character if it appears like a
   single quote does. So this: don't think twice it's all-right is now 5
   tokens instead of 6.

0.49 08 May 2010
 - change from FUNCTION__ to __func__ in all .c code.

0.48 30 April 2010
 - fix treat_phrases_as_singles bug in Snipper where phrases were never
   being matched.
 - compromise on proximity query syntax ("foo bar"~10) by always treating
   as single terms.

0.47 16 April 2010
 - fix regex bug in Transliterate->convert where newlines were being

0.46 06 April 2010
 - fix croak message for debug-level sanity check on text match in HiLiter.
 - fix bugs with as_sentences for checking end boundaries.

0.45 04 March 2010
 - change QueryParser tests for range to use native dialect, not SWISH.

0.44 24 Feb 2010
 - fix locale test case comparison for UTF-8 (RT#54941 reported by John

0.43 06 Feb 2010
 - fix bug with Search::Query::Parser method name (error() not err()).
 - fix doc bug in Snipper.
 - refactor QueryParser internals to work with latest Search::Query 0.07.

0.42 03 Feb 2010
 - fix bug in XML->tag_safe that disallowed XML namespaces.
 - add XML->tidy method.

0.41 01 Feb 2010
 - move SWISH::Prog::Utils perl_to_xml() feature to Search::Tools::XML.

0.40 31 Jan 2010
 - added ignore_length() feature to Snipper.
 - added treat_phrases_as_singles() feature to Snipper.

0.39 23 Jan 2010
 - switch from Search::QueryParser to Search::Query::Parser. This change
   means that some methods in Search::Tools::Query and
   Search::Tools::QueryParser were added, removed or modified. Please check
   the documentaiton.

0.38 22 Jan 2010
 - add support for wildcard at start of term in addition to end of term.
 - added Windows-1252 (cp1252) encoding helpers.
 - added Encoding::FixLatin as a dependency.
 - fix off-by-one errors in find_bad_*_report and find_bad_* UTF8
 - add debug_bytes() to UTF8 class.

0.37 06 Dec 2009
 - fix blead perl REGEXP change for Perls >= 5.11. [r2330]

0.36 3 Dec 2009
 - add FUNCTION__ definition for those Perls (<5.8.8) that lack it.

0.35 30 Nov 2009
 - add UTF::byte_length() function just like bytes::length()
 - some attempts to compile under Win32 (programming a bit blind with
   nothing to test on...)

0.34 22 Nov 2009
 - make the bigfile test optional and make it use the 'offset' snipper to
   reduce mem use by 60%.

0.33 19 Nov 2009
 - switch default Snipper type to 'offset' to optimize for large target
 - add Tokenizer->get_offsets() method in C/XS.
 - fix Snipper->show feature to work as the author expected it to. Do not
   return anything if no match.
 - refactor is_ascii C code and is_sentence_start() to return false if
   match on UPPER as opposed to Upper.

0.32 31 Oct 2009
 - fix mem leaks
 - optimize normalize_whitespace regex 

0.31 14 Oct 2009
 - add missing dTHX; macro to st_malloc per RT #50509

0.30 13 Oct 2009
 - do not prefix ellipse to snippets in Snipper when as_sentences is true.
 - add attribute support to XML->start_tag().
 - bump Rose::ObjectX::CAF req version to catch bad param names and fix a
 - fix as_sentences feature in HeatMap where $end offset was overrunning
   the tokens array length.

0.29 11 Oct 2009
 - tweek snippet sorting to value higher unique term frequency.
 - add XML->strip_markup as alias for no_html()
 - added as_sentences experimental feature to Snipper and supporting

0.28 29 Sept 2009
 - add missing dTHX macro for 5.10 build.

0.27 29 Sept 2009
 - optimize XML->escape() and remove %XML::Ents as public variable.
   escape() is now in C/XS, borrowed from mod_perl.
 - add query_class() to QueryParser to allow subclassing Query

0.26 23 Sept 2009
 - fix a couple of Perl::Critic warnings (trivial imo)
 - fix repos and homepage links in Makefile.PL
 - fix a couple of regex escape bugs in HiLiter
 - fix an innocuous bug in Object that passed extra args to 
   QueryParser->new in _normalize_args
 - add \002/\003 no-hiliting marker support in HiLiter	(for HTML::HiLiter)
 - HiLiter->light() now returned UTF-8 encoded text like  Snipper->snip()
 - fix regex build bug where phrase could be separated by multiple 
   whitespace chars.

0.25 19 Sept 2009
 - add missing $VERSION back to to satisfy CPAN

0.24 19 Sept 2009
 - thanks to Henry at zen for prompting the bug fixes and improvements	in
   this release.
 - fix Data::Dump calls from pp() to fully-qualified.
 - Snipper->snip() will always return UTF-8 encoded text.
 - rename Snipper methods snipper_name, snipper_force and snipper_type	to
   type_used, force and type.
 - document Snipper->type().
 - fix some off-by-one errors in all the snip() algorithms
 - fix the debugging code in Snipper
 - add sanity check fallback to plain() hiliter to persevere if plain 
   regex obviously fails.
 - add ignore_fields feature
 - add treat_uris_like_phrases feature
 - RegExp, RegExp::Keywords, RegExp::Keyword and Keywords are all 
   deprecated in favor of the new, tidier and cleaner QueryParser,  Query
   and RegEx classes. Backwards compatibility is preserved for existing
   code, but users should move to the new API as  documented in
   Search::Tools. RegExp will carp every time you build() with it.
 - added new Tokenizer, Token and TokenList XS code for must faster
 - added PP versions of tokenizing code, both for benchmarking and 
   comparision.  As expected, XS is much faster. The extra speed makes it 
   possible to be more accurate in snippet extraction without sacrificing 

0.23 17 July 2009
 - change utf8_safe() XML method to change low non-whitespace ascii chars
   to single space. This makes them XML-spec compliant.

0.22 22 Jan 2009
 - continue fixing Transliterate bug exposed in version 0.20

0.21 22 Jan 2009
 - fix bug in init of Transliterate map that was triggered when multiple
   instances are created in a single app

0.20 16 Dec 2008
 - refactor Transliterate->convert(). now 244% faster.

0.19 16 Dec 2008
 - more tests
 - clarify use of ebit in Transliterate docs

0.18 02 Dec 2008
 - add more debugging to to_utf8() function.
 - make Text::Aspell optional, since it has non-CPAN dependency

0.17 22 May 2008
 - fix typos in S::T::SpellCheck
 - refactor some remaining classes to use Search::Tools::Object class

0.16 22 Nov 2007
 - refactor common object stuff into new Search::Tools::Object class
 - change behaviour of XML escape()/unescape() to return filtered values
   instead of in-place

 - fix t/09locale.t to skip if UTF-8 charset not available via setlocale()

 - fixed <version> in Makefile.PL

 - added File::Slurp to requirements, since tests use it.
 - changed 'use <version>' syntax to be portable.

 - change tests to force locale for spelling dictionaries, or skip if not

 - fix bug in where latin1 was flagged internally as UTF-8 and so
   fooled the native Perl checks.
 - rewrite is_latin1() and find_bad_latin1() as XS.
 - refactored is_valid_utf8() to use internal Perl is_utf8_string() plus
   is_latin() and is_ascii() checks to help reduce ambiguity.
 - hardcode locale into some tests so that latin1 is not magically upgraded
   to utf8 by perl.

 - fix bug in Tools.xs where NULL was being returned as SV* instead of

 - separated the UTF8 checking into Search::Tools::UTF8 and use XS to check
   valid utf8. Among other things, fixes the string length bug on
   is_valid_utf8()  that previously segfaulted if the string was longer
   than 24K.

 - fixed bug with S::T::XML utf8_escape() with escaping a literal 0
 - changed required minimum perl to 5.8.3 for correct UTF-8 support.
 - suggested changes to the default character map in
   S::T::T to better support multiple transliteration options. This
   resulted in per-instance character map and no more package %Map. See doc
   in S::T::T for map() method.

 - added more utf8 methods to S::T::Transliterate.
 - added $sane threshold to prevent segfaults when checking for valid_utf8
   in long strings (like file slurps)
 - changed example/ to use SWISH::API::Object
 - fixed subtle regex bug with constructing word boundaries wrt

 - found a bug when running under -T taint mode.
   fixed in S::T::Keywords.

 - added spellcheck() convenience method to S::T
 - added t/11synopsis.t test
 - changed POD to reflect new methods
 - added query() accessor to S::T::SpellCheck
 - thanks to for the above suggestions
 - fixed POD example in S::T::HiLiter

 - added S::T::SpellCheck
 - fixed (finally I hope) charset/locale/lang issue by making it global
   accessor and checking for C and POSIX
 - reorged default settings in S::T::Keywords to set in new() rather than
   each time in extract()

 - fixed charset/locale issue in S::T::Keywords reported by Debbie Jones

 - added example/ scripts
 - fixed S::T::K SYNOPSIS to reflect reality
 - POD fixes
 - added is_valid_utf8() method to S::T::Transliterate along with valid
   utf8 check in convert()
 - rewrote S::T::Keywords logic to: * correctly parse stopwords (all are
   compared with lc()) * return phrases as phrases * additional UTF-8
   checks * parse according to RegExp character definitions
 - changed default UTF8Char regexp in S::T::RegExp
 - changed default WordChar regexp in S::T::RegExp
 - begin_characters and end_characters are no longer supported since they
   were logically just the inverse of ignore_*_char plus word_characters.
   The entire regexp construction was refactored with that in mind.
 - @Search::Tools::Accessors now provides (saner) way for subclasses to
   inherit attributes like word_characters, stemmer, stopwords, etc.
 - S::T::RegExp kw_opts is no longer supported
 - stopwords are intentionally left in phrases, as are special boolean
 - added ->phrase accessor to S::T::R::Keyword
 - S::T::HiLiter now higlights all phrases before singles so that any
   overlap privileges the phrase match. Example would be 'foo and "foo
   bar"' where the phrase "foo bar" should receive precedence over single
   word 'foo'.

0.01 2006-06-22T08:06:59Z
 - original version