Revision history for Perl extension SWISH::API::More.

0.01  Fri Sep 22 16:07:34 2006
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-XA -n SWISH::API::More

    * misc cleanup

    * Complete re-write to support multiple instances in same Perl process.
      No more ugly Symbol table mangling. Instead uses Class::ISA and Class::Inspector
      and caches subclass names per object.
    * Split subclasses up into separate .pm files.

    * added VERSIONs to all subclasses to fix CPAN indexing
    * fixed PropertyList and MetaList to return native objects without wrappers
      (thanks to for the bug report)
    * fixed bug in Result subclass with returning undef when native returns undef

    * added default index value 'index.swish-e' to mimic libswish-e default
    * no longer require SWISH::API since it is not in cpan. Warn about it in tests.

0.06     01 Feb 2010
    * added die_on_error() method.

0.07     23 Feb 2010
    * add Results->query accessor method.