Revision history for Perl extension HiLiter.

0.201 15 May 2014
 - remove File::Slurp dependency since Search::Tools->slurp exists

0.200 1 May 2014
 - port to Moose for Search::Tools 1.000

0.18 31 Jan 2013
 - bump dependency on Search::Tools to 0.86, fix failing tests caused by
   newer S::T

0.17 13 July 2011
 - bump dependency on Search::Tools to 0.60

0.16 22 Jan 2009
 - add tests for wildcard matches.

0.15 19 Nov 2009
 - fixed init() to only pass on args that are methods (was causing tests to
   fail with latest version of Rose::ObjectX::CAF).

0.05 2004-07-09T12:48:34Z
 - public release via CPAN
 - 0.06
 - use Text::ParseWords instead of original clumsy regexps in
 - add support for 8211 (ndash) and 8212 (mdash) entities
 - tweeked StartBound and EndBound to not match within a word
 - fixed doc to reflect that debugging prints on STDOUT, not STDERR
 - 0.07
 - made HTML::Parser optional to allow for more flexibility with using
 - added perldoc for previously undocumented methods
 - corrected perldoc for Queries() to refer to metanames as second param
 - updated SWISH::API example to avoid using HTML::Parser
 - added unicode entity -> ascii equivs for better DocBook support
 - (NOTE: this expands the ndash/mdash feature from 0.06)
 - misc cleanup
 - 0.08
 - fixed bug in SWISH::API example with ParsedWords and updated Queries()
   perldoc to reflect the change.
 - removed dependency on HTML::Entities by hardcoding all relevant
   entities. (HTML::Entities does a 'require HTML::Parser' which made the
   parser=>0 feature break.)
 - 0.09
 - added Print feature to new() to allow Run() to return highlighted text
   instead of automatically printing in a streaming fashion. Set Print=>0
   to turn off print().
 - Run() now returns highlighted text if Print=>0.
 - changed parser=>0 to Parser=>0.
 - the ParsedWords bug reported in 0.08 was really with my example in
   get_snippet(). so rather than blame someone else's code, I fixed mine...
 - fixed bug with count of real HTML matches that was most evident with
   running hilite()
 - added test2.t test to test the Parser=>0 feature
 - 0.10
 - fixed prep_queries() perldoc head
 - Queries() now returns hash ref of q => regexp
 - fixed SWISH::API example to use new Queries()
 - fixed Queries() perldoc
 - added StopWords note to prep_queries()
 - fixed regexp that caused make test to fail in perl < 5.8.1 (thanks to
 - added note to hilite() perldoc to always use Inline()
 - 0.11
 - separated debugging into 3 levels for increasing verbosity (1-3).
 - changed default colors to lighter pastels.
 - misc perldoc fixes.
 - internal object key 'query_array' preserves query order.
 - fixed default HTML::Parser handler to buffer/print according to HiLiter
   object param.
 - added support for TextFilter and TagFilter.
 - renamed $debug to $Debug.
 - added 'debug' param in new() call.
 - fixed bugs with default StartBound and EndBound.
 - fixed bugs with &#NN; numeric entities in $White_Space.
 - added support to let phrases match over all non-WordChars, not just
 - Queries() now returns either hash ref or array depending on context.
 - Queries() may now take either an array ref or a scalar text string.
 - Various small tweeks to better support the SWISHE param.
 - Queries() now keeps query array in same order as original.
 - moved all Changes here and out of .pm file
 - moved examples to their own directory and out of POD
 - renamed all private routines to start with _
 - added the 'nohiliter' attribute option, to prevent highlighting within
   marked tagsets
 - general cleanup and optimization
 - build_regexp() now returns an array ref of two regexp: for HTML and
   plain text.
 - build_regexp() now uses Ignore Chars from SWISH::API object
 - prep_queries() now supports SWISH Fuzzy Mode via SWISH::API::Fuzzy
   (version 0.03 or newer)
 - changed new() SWISHE param to SWISH -- but either will work

 - 0.12
 - bug fix: plaintext() not called if text contains entities
 - contributed the HiClass feature.
 - added filter example to lightfile.cgi
 - 0.13  10 Nov 2005
 - 0.14  26 Sep 2009
 - rewrite to use Search::Tools. At the same time considered replacing 
   HTML::Parser with XML::LibXML for speed reasons, but when comparing	the
   RT queues for both, it became obvious that HTML::Parser was a much safer
   route. That, and I couldn't get tests in XML::LibXML to pass  against
   libxml2 2.7.
 - The API has changed. Read the SYNOPSIS.
 - since Search::Tools normalizes everything to UTF-8, the output of 
   HTML::HiLiter will always be UTF-8.	As a convenience, if the HiLiter 
   encounters a http-equiv meta charset tag of anything other than ascii or
   utf-8, a new meta tagset will be inserted in its place  indicating utf-8
   encoding. If you really do not want to display UTF-8,  you'll need to
   convert back to your desired encoding, using something  like the Encode

0.01 0.04 testing