Revision history for CatalystX-CRUD-Controller-RHTMLO

0.01    19 Oct 2007
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

0.02    20 Oct 2007
        * fix POD line so that CPAN doesn't think there's doc separate from code

0.03    23 Oct 2007

0.04    25 Oct 2007
        * override form() to stash the $c object in app()

0.05    1 November 2007
        * return from do_search() if no input to form
        * pass field names on to NEXT do_search so they make it to make_query()

0.06    9 Nov 2007
        * fix legacy refactoring bug in form_to_object() (no such thing as param_hash() method)
          Thanks to John Siracusa for the catch.

0.07    16 Nov 2007
        * fix bug with form->init_fields where values were being un-initialized if params were not

0.08    17 Nov 2007
        * fix bug when checking for whether do_search() should be performed.

0.09    31 Dec 2007
        * implement field_names() per CXC::Controller API.
        * fix bug in form() where app() would be set to undef if $c was not passed.
        * added custom create() to allow for form prepopulation via $c->req->params
        * make debug() statement in do_search() conditional on $c->debug

0.10    29 Jan 2008
        * fix bug to allow for PKs that are not serial ints

0.11    06 May 2008
        * add all_form_errors() method
        * now passes $obj instead of $obj->delegate to form/object init methods.
          This relies on the AUTOLOAD magic in CX::CRUD::Object to work correctly,
          but it means that authors can have more methods than just the c/r/u/d
          types on their Object wrappers (as CX::CRUD::Object::File does).
        * use Class::C3
        * prime object as well as form in create() 

0.12    12 June 2008
        * pass $c in to form->new() as value to 'app' param, as well as setting in in app() method.
          this is so that $c is available to build_form() et al.
        * field_names() now requires $c (context) be passed

0.13    11 Aug 2008
        * change form_to_object() to support PKs of multiple columns

0.14    11 Aug 2008
        * fix Makefile.PL to reflect CXCRUD 0.28 required

0.15    24 Aug 2008
        * fix the form_to_object() method to work with 0.29 core REST api

0.16    25 Aug 2008
        * refactor the form_to_object() to avoid setting the PK value for a new object

0.17    11 Sept 2008
        * change tact altogether in form_to_object() and assume there are no autoincrement fields in $form
        * move the form/object seeding in create() to the core Controller create() method. This change
          is as much to solve a strange Class::C3/Dispatcher issue with multiple inheritance as anything.
        * add missing $c in call to $self->form
        * do_search calls field_names() on controller rather than form object

0.18    09 Oct 2008
        * fix bug where form was not cleared during initial search

0.19    03 Dec 2008
        * fix bug where form error was not set correctly

0.20    17 Feb 2010
        * change from Class::C3 to MRO::Compat