Revision history for Ubic-Service-Hypnotoad

0.3005  2015-03-27
        Improved tests (thanks Logioniz)
        Fixed bug that disallowed array form of bin parameter
        Check if pid_file and app paths are absolute
        Improve security with 3-param form of "open" function

0.3     2015-03-27
        step duration and number of trials are optionally parametrizable

0.2001  2014-07-05
        Fixed bug in POD documentation

0.2     2014-07-05
        - 'bin' parameter may be an array, or contain many words
        - added 'cwd' parameter, to change dir before execution

0.1     2013-11-20
        - Suppressed extra unwanted output in STDOUT, during 'stop'
        - Wrote documenatation

0.002   2013-10-10
        First usable version

0.001   2013-10-09
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.