0.33 2017/01/14
  * Perl Critic fixes from Nitish Bezzala

0.32 2017/01/11
  * Perl Critic fixes from Nitish Bezzala

0.31 2016/08/17
  * Add minimum Perl version to Makefile.PL
  * Match HTTP::Async::Polite version to HTTP::Async (CPANTS)
    Thanks to Mohammad S Anwar (Manwar) for both changes!
  * Replace with in t/real_servers.t

0.30 2015/05/30
  * Allow max_redirect or max_redirects, to be consistent with LWP::UserAgent
    Thanks Vincent Lequertier (SkySymbol)!

0.29 2015/05/30

  * Make add_with_opts throw error on invalid options
    Thanks Tom Grimwood-Taylor (tgt)!

0.28 2015/03/09

  * Allow manual override of PeerAddr via peer_addr (rt #102634)
  * Switch from print() to note() in TestServer for test suite

0.27 2014/11/17

  * Github user acferen finally patched the long-standing timeout bug
    Thanks acferen!

0.26 2014/06/06

  * Daniel Lintott of the Debian Perl Group reported that the HTTP::Async proxy
    tests were broken with a development version of HTTP-Server-Simple (0.45_1)
    I fixed the test, or rather fixed t/, so that it would work
    Thanks Daniel!
  * While I was in there, I replaced some warn() calls in the tests with diag()
    calls, to be a better TAP citizen

0.25 2014/03/20

  * Added remove($id) and remove_all() methods
    Thanks go to user Ikegami
  * Added support for forwarding headers on redirect
    Thanks to Github users kloevschall and kaol
  * Added support for having an HTTP::Cookies cookie jar object
    Thanks again to Github user kaol
  * Use Net::EmptyPort for the TestServer in the tests
    Thanks to Github user and all around great Perl Monger DrHyde

0.24 2014/03/19

  * Better POD docs for the counting methods
  - Requested by Dave Hodgkinson via

0.23 2013/11/03

  * Added REAL_SERVERS check to t/proxy-with-https.t
  - Thanks to Gregor Herrmann, Debian Perl Group, for the patch

0.22 2013/09/12

  * Added repository cpan metadata to Makefile.PL
  - Thanks to David Steinbrunner for the patch

0.21 2013/08/29

  * Updated Changes file to meet CPAN::Changes::Spec
    * FIxed unparseable date for version 0.02

0.20 2013/07/18

  * Updates Changes file to meet CPAN::Changes::Spec
    * Changed and standardized date formats
    * Changed name from CHANGES to Changes
    * Added author/release test to check this going forward

0.19 2013/07/17

  * Added ssl_options support
  * Increased Net::HTTPS::NB requirement to 0.13
  - Thanks to Heikki Vatiainen for the patch

0.18 2013/05/27

  * Fixed typo in POD
  - Added THANKS for Florian (fschlich)

0.17 2013/04/20

  * Added local_addr and local_port support
  * Standardised test names
  * Added THANKS for github user c00ler-

0.16 2013/04/04

  * Fixed CPAN Testers bug in bad-hosts.t

0.15 2013/04/04

  * Two bug fixes provided by Josef Toman:
    * Fixed header handling to use header_field_names()
    * Replaced _make_url_absolute with URI::new_abs()

0.14 2013/04/01

  * More diagnostics in bad-hosts.t on failure

0.13 2013/03/29

  * Fixed t/real-servers.t to work whether or not Net::HTTPS::NB is available

0.12 2013/03/29

  * New logic for making https requests through a proxy
  * Made tests run ok in parallel by using different ports per test
  * Set explicit SSL_verify_mode in real-servers.t
  * Minor update to code comment about is_proxy mode

0.11 2012/11/13

  * Use high ports to prevent test failure when 8080 is already used
  * Travis config

0.10 2012/03/08

  * added support for https requests - thanks Naveed Massjouni

0.09 2007/09/13

  * added requirement for Pod::Coverage >= 0.19 if perl >= 5.9.0
  * moved polite.t test into t/ so that it gets run by the makefile.

0.08 2007/09/12

  * Deleted Module::Build

  * Removed test in bad-hosts.t that was unreliable. I think that it was failing
    under certain proxy configs.

0.07 2007/02/18

  * Added proper handling of 304 responses based on code patch and test by
    Tomohiro Ikebe from

0.06 2007/02/06

  * Changed the request uri that is used so that it has the host in for proxy
    requests and does not otherwise. This is to comply with the RFC for HTTP
    ( ).

0.05 2006/11/17

  * Added ability to pass arguments to new to configure the async object.

0.04 2006/09/28

  * Fixed stupid bug that caused the polite module to crash if the numbers of
    requests per domain were not the same.

0.03 2006/09/27

  * Created HTTP::Async::Polite that adds limits to the scraping to avoid over
    stretching the domain being scraped.

  * Increased the delay in poll-interval tests to stop them failing on slow

  * Added pod tests, README and Makefile.PL in an attempt to achieve kwalitee.

0.02 2006/09/06

  * Changed the timeout to be an inactivity timeout and added a
    max_request_length to limit the amount of time that a request can be
    running for.

  * Added more diagnostics to the tests to try to find the bug that is causing
    MIYAGAWA issues.

  * Created TODO and CHANGES docs.

  * Added error checking to catch connections that fail before the headers are
    sent. (patch submitted by Egor Egorov)

  * Added ability to specify proxy to use. (based on patch from Egor Egorov)

  * Added 'add_with_opts' method that lets you override the default options
    for this request.

0.01 2006/08/21

   * Initial release onto CPAN.