Revision history for Server-Control

** denotes an incompatible change

0.20  Aug 20, 2012

- Fix error_log default for Starman - RT #79008 (RSAVAGE)
- Various doc improvements - RT #79009 (RSAVAGE)
- Fix nonsensical dist.ini abstract

0.19  Aug 15, 2012

- Fix httpd_binary for backward compatibility

0.18  Aug 14, 2012

- Add Starman and Nginx subclasses
- Move validate_url and validate_regex to main class
- Add binary_path to main class (replacing httpd_binary in Apache subclass)
- Add 'use warnings' to scripts - RT #78958 (WSHELDAHL)

0.17  Mar 22, 2012

- Skip tests that try to listen to port if something already listening to port

0.16  Mar 15, 2012

- Apache graceful restart checks config file syntax, and starts server if it wasn't started

0.15  Jun 8, 2011

- Attempt to show error logs when start or stop throws fatal
- Convert to dzil

0.14  Nov 18, 2010

- Attempt to show error logs when validation request fails
- Check Apache config file syntax before attempting to start or hup

0.13  Mar 12, 2010

- When waiting for a server to start or stop, print errors from logs as they occur
- Throw error if pod2usage will output blank usage message
- Only require Proc::ProcessTable 0.39; later versions have trouble building on linux

0.12  Dec 15, 2009

- Don't require -d/-f in Apache if server_root or conf_file were passed into handle_cli
- Add overridable validate_server method, called after start and hup
- Add validate_url and validate_regex options for Apache

0.11  Oct 8, 2009

- Add hup action
- Allow restart method to be set to hup or stopstart (default is still stopstart)
- Parse relative error_log and pid_file paths in Apache conf correctly
- Handle --serverctlrc correctly
- Make restart work if server isn't running
- Improve diagnostics when server is only partially active

0.10  Sep 25, 2009

- Fix -b option in apachectlp
- Add graceful and graceful-stop to apachectlp and Server::Control::Apache
- Add bin/serverctlp, a generic version of apachectlp with required --class
- Add refork action, which sends a TERM to the child processes of the server's main process
- Use MooseX::Traits if available
- Add successful_start, failed_start, successful_stop, failed_stop hooks
- Return boolean indicating success from start, stop, restart
- Add --no-parse-config to apachectlp
- Add -I to CLI options

0.09  Sep 18, 2009

- Add Hash::MoreUtils to dependencies
- Fix rc file test (add terminating newline to yml)

0.08  Sep 17, 2009

- ** Rename root_dir to server_root - just more intuitive for existing apache users
- ** Rename run_command to run_system_command to avoid confusion with cli methods
- ** Overhaul command-line processing. Rename handle_cmdline to handle_cli and make much
     more comprehensive; can remove all logic from scripts like apachectlp and easily
     modify behavior of CLI in subclass
- Allow optional serverctl.yml file containing constructor options
- Add --quiet to CLI options to accompany --verbose
- Use MooseX::StrictConstructor everywhere

0.07  Sep 11, 2009

- Fix apachectlp --bind-addr, --error-log, etc options to actually take values
- Allow name to be overriden rather than description, and fix bug with default name

0.06  Sep 11, 2009

- Fix -d in apachectlp and add more specific usage errors
- Remove default of ARGV[0] from handle_cmdline

0.05  Aug 31, 2009

- Fix test_port_busy test to be more robust in killing temp server

0.04  Aug 27, 2009

- Use Unix::Lsof to try and determine who is listening to a port, report this in diagnostics
- Add Pod::Usage to dependencies
- Fix handling of relative paths given to apachectlp

0.03  Aug 25, 2009

- Add Hash::MoreUtils to dependencies
- Make Apache tests release-only, since they depend on httpd version, etc.
- Remove some unnecessary internal files

0.02  Aug 24, 2009

- Parse Apache config to determine server_root, port, bind_addr, error_log, and pid_file if not specified
- Add bin/apachectlp, a replacement for apachectl

0.01  Aug 21, 2009

- Initial version