=head1 NAME

Mason::Manual - Index of Mason documentation

=head1 MANUALS


=item L<Mason::Manual::Intro>

A quick introduction to get your feet wet.

=item L<Mason::Manual::Setup>

How to set up Mason in a web environment and a non-web environment.

=item L<Mason::Manual::Components>

All about components, the building blocks of Mason.

=item L<Mason::Manual::Syntax>

A full reference of syntax that can be used in components.

=item L<Mason::Manual::RequestDispatch>

How request paths get mapped to page components.

=item L<Mason::Manual::Cookbook>

Recipes for common Mason tasks.

=item L<Mason::Manual::FAQ>

Frequently asked questions.

=item L<Mason::Manual::Filters>

Using and creating filters that can be applied to portions of content in a

=item L<Mason::Manual::Plugins>

Using and creating plugins to modify Mason behavior.

=item L<Mason::Manual::UpgradingFromMason1>

Summary of differences between Mason 1 and Mason 2.




=item L<Mason::Interp>

Mason::Interp is the central Mason object, returned from C<< Mason->new >>. It
is responsible for creating new requests, compiling components, and maintaining
the cache of loaded components.

=item L<Mason::Request>

Mason::Request represents a single request for a page, and is the access point
for most Mason features not provided by syntactic tags.

=item L<Mason::Component>

Mason::Component is the base class from which all generated component classes
inherit, directly or indirectly.


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Jonathan Swartz <swartz@pobox.com>


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