Changes for version 0.756

  • Support for Rose::DB::Object 0.785.
  • Made fork- and thread-safe (though some databases, notably Oracle, don't support passing a database connection across a fork at all).
  • Updated mysql_enable_utf8() to run "SET NAMES utf8" id a database handle already exists.
  • Updated the various validate_*_keywords() methods to no longer accept anything that "looks like a function call." This was done to avoid possible SQL injection attacks, and because the now-pervasive support for scalar-reference literals in Rose::DB::Object obviates the need for such permissive SQL inlining. To restore the old behavior, use the default_keyword_function_calls() class method or the keyword_function_calls() object method.


Best practices for using Rose::DB


A DBI wrapper and abstraction layer.
A mod_perl-aware cache for Rose::DB objects.
A cache entry for use with Rose::DB::Cache objects.
Symbolic names for important Rose::DB constants.
Generic driver class for Rose::DB.
Informix driver class for Rose::DB.
MySQL driver class for Rose::DB.
Oracle driver class for Rose::DB.
PostgreSQL driver class for Rose::DB.
Data source registry.
Data source registry entry.
SQLite driver class for Rose::DB.