Net::Hotline::Task - Task object used internally by Net::Hotline::Client


    use Net::Hotline::Task;

    $task = new Net::Hotline::Task;



Net::Hotline::Task is a simple class for storing and retrieving task information, You should never have to create your own Net::Hotline::Task objects when using Net::Hotline::Client. Getting and (to a lesser extent) setting attributes is all that should be necessary.



With no arguments, creates a new Net::Hotline::Task object with all attributes set to undef. With three or four arguments (PATH is optional), creates a new Net::Hotline::Task object with task number NUM, task type TYPE, start time START, user socket number SOCKET, and file path PATH.


All the Net::Hotline::Task methods are simple attribute get/set routines. If given an argument, they set an attribute. In all cases, they return the current value of the attribute.

error EXPR

The error state of the task. A true value means there was an error.

error_text TEXT

The error message text. This only applies if error() returns a true value.

finish TIME

The time (in platform-native time format, i.e. seconds since the epoch on a Unix system) that a task completed.


The unique task number. Task numbers increase sequentially.

path PATH

The path information associated with a task (if any). In situations where two paths may be associated with a task (a "move file" task, for example), a reference to an array containing the paths will be returned.

socket NUMBER

The unique user socket number associated with a task (if any).

start TIME

The time (in platform-native time format) that a task was started.


The HTLC_TASK_XXX constant specifying the type of task. These constants are defined in Net::Hotline::Constants, and include:

    HTLC_TASK_KICK         Disconnect a user.
    HTLC_TASK_LOGIN        Log into server.
    HTLC_TASK_NEWS         Get the news.
    HTLC_TASK_NEWS_POST    Post to news.
    HTLC_TASK_FILE_DELETE  Delete a file.
    HTLC_TASK_FILE_INFO    Get file information.
    HTLC_TASK_FILE_LIST    Get a file list.
    HTLC_TASK_FILE_MKDIR   Create a new folder.
    HTLC_TASK_FILE_MOVE    Move a file.
    HTLC_TASK_SEND_MSG     Send a private message.
    HTLC_TASK_SET_INFO     Set file information.
    HTLC_TASK_USER_INFO    Get user information.   
    HTLC_TASK_USER_LIST    Get the userlist.


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Copyright(c) 1999 by John Siracusa. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.