The two scripts in this directory are meant to demonstrate the two modes of
operation present in Net::Hotline::Client.  They haven't been very well
tested, so don't expect stellar reliability.

1. "" is a simple command line FTP-like Hotline client included
   to demonstrate Net::Hotline::Client's "blocking task mode" (read the
   documentation for an explanation).  Its operation should be familiar
   to anyone who's used ncftp or the regular Unix ftp client.

   The version of "" included here may be out of date by the
   time you read this.  Please check the following URL for the latest


2. "" is a very simple Hotline "bot" included to demonstrate
   Net::Hotline::Client's "event loop mode" (again, RTFM).  It works a
   lot like in terms of connecting to servers.  Log the bot
   onto your local Hotline server an message it with the text "help"
   for more information.