It is great to see you would want to improve Game::Risk.

** Prerequisites

Here's what you need (among other prereqs):
    - Tk
    - POE
    - Dist::Zilla
    - Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::JQUELIN

** Getting started

Once those prereqs installed, one can do:
    $ dzil test                         # to run the tests
    $ dzil run ./bin/prisk              # to run the game from local checkout
    $ dzil run bash                     # to examine what built dist will look like

This takes quite some time, but you will be sure to run against what
would be released to CPAN. For quicker iterations, you can run directly:
    $ ./bin/prisk

Note however that some windows will fail (such as the about box,
and maybe others): indeed, they would need some information added
by dist-zilla.

** Code layout:

Each window has its own module in:

but it is moving slowly in lib/Games/Risk/Tk once they are sanitized.

** I18n layout

The file holding the strings is here:

It can be updated at anytime by using:
    $ dzil pot

Translation files are in:
    share/locale/<language code>/LC_MESSAGES/Games-Risk.po

So for example the French translation is in: