use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More 0.88;
require './t/';

# Test OO interface

  skip("Windows is currently unsupported") if $^O =~ /MSWin32/;

  use blib;
  $ENV{PERL5OPT} = '-Mblib';
  $ENV{TPOPT} = '[';
  require IO::Pager;
  require IO::Pager::less;
    my $BOB = new IO::Pager local *STDOUT, 'less' or die "Failed to create PAGER FH $!";

    isa_ok $BOB, 'IO::Pager::less';

    #XXX No longer needed with return of control to host loop instead of
    #XXX repeating input loop, but cannot hurt to preserve the instructions
    warn "\n\nCurrent IO::Pager::Less is suboptimal \e[7;5m*** Press Ctrl-L to refresh ***\e[0m\n\n\n";

    #XX $BOB->{scrollBar}=1;

    $BOB->print("This pager is implemented in perl. Note the nifty scrollbar at right.\n") foreach 1..250;
    $BOB->print("\nEnd of text, try pressing 'Q' to exit.\n");

  select STDERR;
  my $A1 = prompt("\nDid you see 'This pager is implemented in perl' in a pager? [Yn]");
  ok is_yes($A1), 'OO, factory instantiation';
  my $A2 = prompt("\nDid the scrollbar update as you scrolled? [Yn]");
  ok is_yes($A2), 'Scrollbar works.';