use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More 0.88;
require './t/';

# Test unbuffered paging

  require IO::Pager;

  diag "\n".
       "Reading is fun! Here is some text: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ\n".
       "This text should be displayed directly on screen, not within a pager.\n".

  select STDERR;
  my $A = prompt("\nWas the text displayed directly on screen? [Yn]");
  ok is_yes($A), 'Diagnostic';

    local $STDOUT = new IO::Pager *BOB; # IO::Pager::Unbuffered by default

    isa_ok $STDOUT, 'IO::Pager::Unbuffered';
    isa_ok $STDOUT, 'Tie::Handle';

    eval {
      my $i = 0;
      $SIG{PIPE} = sub{ "Work complete" };
      while (1) {
        printf BOB "%06i Printing text in a pager. Exit at any time, usually by pressing 'Q'.\n", $i++;
        sleep 1 unless $i%400;
    close BOB;

  $A = prompt("\nWas the text displayed in a pager? [Yn]");
  ok is_yes($A), 'Unbuffered glob filehandle';