Important things here and in code flagged with XXX

Ctrl-Home/End for top/bottom. -Pgup/PgDn (konsole) for file next/prev?

IPP	Use alternate screen buffer?
IPP	MS Windows
IPP		scrolling commands are wonky, therefore we currently waste
IPP		cycles refreshing... but it works! Fix?

IPP exits at EOF. Tests should be longer, or warn of this?
IPP		or set $ENV{PAGER}='IO::Pager::less' if $^O =~ /MSWin/

	MakeMaker __VERSION__?

IPP	Fix interaction with KDE konsole RT#133662
IPP	Check xterm, rxvt, gde-term, etc.
IPP		Goofy term sizes (and WINCH)

IPP	grep scrolling is borked
IPP	dialog, refresh if _grep instead of specific row refresh
IPP		modify calls to line() to pass row? keep a buffer of
IPP		{_row}->[$row]=$line?
IPP	use screen as buffer: scroll-up decrement cursor until match/top & emit

Lesskey     #command
!!          -         toggle-option   #switch toggle_* to this?!
!           _         display-option
            \eu       undo-hilite     #toggle higlight of current search term
            F         forw-forever    #tail

IPP	Switch from Term::Cap to Term::TermInfo and get keycodes too?
IPP	$TT=Term::Terminfo->new(); $TT->str_capnames; $TT->getstr
IPP	bel,blink,bold,rev,smul[underline],sgr0[reset]
IPP	kcub1[left],kcuf1[right],kcuu1[up],kcud1[down],kLFT[S-left],kRIT[S-right]
IPP	kprv,knxt,khome,kend,kbs[backspace],kf1(help?),kich1(insert as mark?)

IPP	Rearchitect around String::Tagged::Terminal? Term::Screen?

IPP	Move squeeze from input to logical display to allow runtime toggle?
IPP	Document line numbering impacts?! (perf, RAM...)
IPP		 okay for jumping, awkward for x-ref file in an editor

IPP	WINCH reflow: keep cursor at same content?

IPP	Display filename in status line?


IPP	ioctl() for cbreak to replace stty? May not be so cross-platform

IPP	Add Windows support? via Win32::Console or Win32::Console::ANSI or
IPP	TERM=vt100; also Term::Size::Win32 or Win32::Readch

IPP			#Consolidate _cursor+{rows} and _end??

IPP	Pause bugs
IPP		Left/right when paused causes vertical scrolling
IPP		(horiz. scroll trigeering a form forward, how to prevent?!)

IPP	Add more IO::Pager::Perl involved tests, scripted interaction?
IPP		read from pipe, file
IPP		navigation
IPP		search

IPP	Wrap up tp for PerlTools?

	Can we make Pager::less into a self-contained forking implementation?
	Current forking design yields:

	   Failed to create PAGER FH at 16-PurePerl_interactive.t line 16
	   stty: standard input: Inappropriate ioctl for device
	   stty: standard input: Inappropriate ioctl for device
	   print() on unopened filehandle STDOUT at Term/ line 330
	   print() on unopened filehandle STDOUT at Term/ line 395..399

	Odd failure of test 11 under tcsh and win-bash because
	*reference* has extra trailing newline.

	"Fix" multi-pseudo-STDOUT disabled in 09-open.t implementation?

	Alter tests to cover all invocation schemes,
	and document location of each in matrix OR use table-driven tests?
		new/open each class
		scalar vs. glob vs. OO
		(non-)fully qualified subclass name

IPP		w/|w/o Term::ReadKey