Sman - Tool for searching and indexing man pages


 % sman boot disk
    # searches for man pages about 'boot disk'

  % sman -m 10 -f -r linux kernel
    # show first 10 hits about the linux kernel
    # with the manpage's Rank and Filename

  % sman '(linux and kernel and module) or (eepro100 and ipchains)'
    # a more complex query

  % sman swishtitle=linux and desc=kernel
    # where title contains 'linux' and description contains 'kernel'


Sman is the Searcher for Man pages. It depends on an index which is built by the included sman-update which by default resides in /var/lib/sman/sman.index.

The two included progams, sman and sman-update, will both search for the first configuration file named sman.conf in /etc, /usr/local/etc/, $HOME, or the directory with sman. If no sman.conf file is found (or specified through the --config option), then the default configuration in /usr/local/etc/sman-defaults.conf will be used.

NOTE: In all cases command line options take precedence over directives read from configuration files.


Josh Rabinowitz <joshr>


sman, sman-update, sman.conf