Testing - Devel::PerlySense Screenshot
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      <p>Brief walkthrough of how PerlySense can help you when writing tests.</p>

      <img src="images/run_tests_1.png" style="margin-bottom:4px;" />
      <div>I just added a new test and want to run the .t file (C-o C-r)...</div>
      <img src="images/run_tests_2_bad_plan.png" style="margin-bottom:4px; margin-top:22px;" />
      <div>...but it fails! The test count is wrong. There should be 13 tests, not 12.</div>
      <img src="images/run_tests_3_assist_test_count.png" style="margin-bottom:4px; margin-top:22px;"/>
      <div>Assist with Test Count -- C-o a t -- to synchronize the test count with the last test run, all without moving point.</div>
      <img src="images/run_tests_4_pass.png" style="margin-bottom:4px; margin-top:22px;"/>
      <div>Re-run the last .t file from any buffer with C-o r r... and all tests pass. Time to check in.</div>