Flymake - Devel::PerlySense Screenshot
  <body style="margin:20px;">
    <div style="font-family: sans-serif">
      <img src="images/flymake_highlight.png" style="margin-bottom:4px;"/>
      <div>D'oh, I clumsily deleted the semicolon. But a second after saving... hey, something is wrong here!</div>
      <div>The color is low key enough to not be in my face while I fix the problem.</div>

      <img src="images/flymake_details.png" style="margin-bottom:4px; margin-top:22px;"/>
      <div>C-o s s on the error line displays the compilation error.</div>

      <img src="images/flymake_critic_highlight.png" style="margin:32px 8px 4px 8px;"/>
      <div>Perl::Critic violations (enable with utmost care, not all Perl Best Practices are that great) are displayed as warnings.</div>

      <img src="images/flymake_critic_details.png" style="margin-bottom:4px; margin-top:22px;"/>
      <div>Although this one is very sensible.</div>