Changes for version 0.0198 - 2012-05-30

  • Feature: Edit - Add Use Statement using "C-o e a u". Add a 'use Module' statement to the 'use Module' section at the top. Default Module name is module at point.
  • Changed Ack key bindings to use the C-o prefix instead of C-c, to avoid stomping on someone's personal config more than necessary. (also updated the Changes entry below to reflect the current bindings)


CLI for Devel::PerlySense with support for Emacs and Vim output formats.
simple solutions to common issues


Perl IDE backend with Emacs frontend
A Bookmark definition and its matches
A collection of Bookmark::Definition and their configuration.
A Project's configuration
A Project's default configuration
A Perl file/document
The methods (and their locations) of a package
A file name + cursor position
Document information generated during a parse
Integration with editors
Integration with Emacs
Integration with Vim
A User Home root directory
Plugin for parsing Moose syntax constructs
A Project null object.
Utility routines
Time the duration of a variable until it goes out of scope