OpenOffice::OODoc - The Open OpenDocument Connector


For a introductory description of the purposes and capabilities of
OpenOffice::OODoc, please read the OpenOffice::OODoc::Intro manual
page. This page in contained in the OODoc/Intro.pod file of the CPAN
distribution. It can be read on line using the following link:


There is an alternative intro for french-reading users. It's available in
ODF (http://jean.marie.gouarne.online.fr/doc/oodoc_guide.odt) or PDF
format (http://jean.marie.gouarne.online.fr/doc/oodoc_guide.pdf).

See INSTALL for system requirements and installation instructions for
the CPAN original distribution.

The present version supports the OASIS OpenDocument Format (ODF). It works
with ODF 1.0 to 1.2, knowing that its present features are not directly
impacted by the changes between the successive versions of the ODF standard.
The legacy OpenOffice.org 1.0 format is still supported, too; however, the
use of this deprecated format is not recommended for new documents.
In addition, advanced users can rely on OpenOffice::OODoc to process
any kind of flat or zipped XML files that don't comply with the ODF
standard, so they can combine ODF documents with non-ODF XML data through
a single application programming interface.


This software is free software. For more information about the licence,

Comments are welcome. They should be posted through the public forum

Bug reports should be registered through the CPAN Request Tracker