Changes for version 2.121 - 2010-03-10

  • Intro.pod: doc update. createStyle() bug fix; now 'check' is no longer 'true' by default with createStyle()., moved some methods from Text to XPath. various improvements and compatibility break with setNote(), setBibliographyMark(), setBookmark(), setHyperlink(), setAnnotation(), setNote(), setTextField(), getUserFieldRefernces(); deprecated setSpan(). added setRangeMark(), checkRangeMark(), deleteMark(), deleteMarks(), checkRangeBookmark(), deleteBookmark(), setIndexMark(), checkIndexMark(), deleteIndexMark(), setTextSpan(), setTextSpans(), setIndexMark(), setTextFields(), setUserFieldDeclaration(). XPath.pod: splitElement() doc error fix. Added splitContent(), setChildElement(), textIndex(), getPartName(); added element identifier accessors & id-based retrieval; improved getRoot(), context-related methods, objectName(), selectElementByAttribute(), selectElementsByAttribute(), selectElementByContent(), selectElementsByContent(), getUserFields(). Examples: oodoc_test now allows target file name as argument.


Introduction to the Open OpenDocument Connector


The Perl Open OpenDocument Connector
Top level component for content and layout processing
I/O operations with OpenDocument files
Image manipulation methods
Access to document file descriptor
Access to document metadata
Document styles and layout processing
The text processing submodule of OpenOffice::OODoc
Low-level navigation in the documents


in OODoc/
in OODoc/
in OODoc/
in OODoc/