Changes for version 2.109 - 2010-01-05

  • Cosmetic changes in the installation tests; changed the test image. Updated template documents. Makefile.PL: Updated dependencies (updated INSTALL accordingly). Makefile.PL: utf8 becomes the default character set. Archive::Zip 1.18 now required; IO::File required; file handles supported. Added user-defined property access methods; added getTemplate(), unlinkTemplate(). Added setNote(), fixed a bug in getTableByName() [#48356].


Introduction to the Open OpenDocument Connector


The Perl Open OpenDocument Connector
Top level component for content and layout processing
I/O operations with OpenDocument files
Image manipulation methods
Access to document file descriptor
Access to document metadata
Document styles and layout processing
The text processing submodule of OpenOffice::OODoc
Low-level navigation in the documents


in OODoc/
in OODoc/
in OODoc/
in OODoc/