Changes for version 2.027 - 2006-08-03

  • Added the oofindbasic example; added oo_set_fields, oo_set_title, oo_search as executable examples
  • Added masterPageExtension(); changed masterPageHeader() and masterPageFooter(); added masterPageHeaderLeft() and masterPageFooterLeft(), following a Volker Hirsinger's suggestion
  • Fixed a bug in removeAtribute()
  • Fixed a bug which prevented accessing 'styles' when $1 was set, thanks to Dab
  • More context-sensitive get_xpath calls; some code lightening and optimization
  • Fixed a bug in userFieldValue(), thanks to Andy Layton
  • bi-directional span allowed by cellSpan()
  • Fixed a bug in getTextElementList()
  • code lightening


Introduction to the Open OpenDocument Connector


The Perl Open OpenDocument Connector
Top level component for content and layout processing
I/O operations with OpenDocument files
Image manipulation methods
Access to document file descriptor
Access to document metadata
Document styles and layout processing
The text processing submodule of OpenOffice::OODoc
Low-level XML navigation in the documents


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in OODoc/
in OODoc/
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