#!/usr/bin/perl -w

=head1	NAME

set_title - Set the title of a document using a content element


Sample script reading the title of an OpenOffice.org Writer document and,
if empty, use the text of the first header of the document content
as the title (or put an arbitrary string if there is no header in the
document). Probably not an inspired idea in real life, but it's just a demo.

usage : set_title filename

use OpenOffice::OODoc;

	# create an OpenOffice.org file object
	# using the 1st command line argument as filename
my $oofile	= ooFile($ARGV[0]);
	# exit if $filename isn't available or can't be open
	# as a regular OpenOffice.org file
die "Unavailable file $ARGV[0]\n" unless $oofile;

	# create a metadata-aware object, linked to the file object
my $doc_meta	= ooMeta(archive => $oofile);

	# extract the title form the metadata object
	# (without argument, the 'title' method is a 'get' accessor)
my $title	= $doc_meta->title;

	# if the title is defined, display it and exit
if ($title)
	print "The title is \"$title\"\n";
	# if there is no title...
	# create a content-aware object linked to the same file object
	my $doc_text	= ooText(archive	=> $oofile);
	# get the text of the first header element (the list is zero-based)
	my $text	= $doc_text->getHeaderText(0);
	if ($text)
		# use this text, if defined, as the title
		# (the 'title' method, with argument, is a 'set' accessor)
		# alas, there was no header in the document,
		# so we put an arbitrary provisional title
		$doc_meta->title("Untitled document");
	# commit the update