OpenOffice::OODoc - Open Office Document Connector


For a introductory description of the purposes and capabilities of
OpenOffice::OODoc, please read the OpenOffice::OODoc::Intro manual
page. This page in contained in the OODoc/Intro.pod file in the CPAN
distribution. Alternatively, it can be read on line using the following


There is an alternative intro for french-reading users. It's available in
PDF (http://jean.marie.gouarne.online.fr/doc/oodoc_guide.pdf) or SXW
format (http://jean.marie.gouarne.online.fr/doc/oodoc_guide.sxw).

See INSTALL for system requirements and installation instructions.

The present version supports both the OpenOffice.org 1.0 document format
and the OASIS Open Document Format.


This software is free software. For more information about the licence,
see LICENCE.EN (English) or LICENCE.FR (French).

Comments are welcome. They should be sent to