This software is free software. It is subject to the terms and
	conditions of both
	- the GNU Lesser General Public Licence, version 2.1, of the
	Free Software Foundation (;

	- the Licence Publique Generale Genicorp, version 1.0 (see below,
	English translation by Graeme A. Hunter).

	Genicorp General Public Licence (version 1.0)

        The company GENICORP S.A., of 156 boulevard Haussmann, Paris, France

        offers a set of software components ("the software") for use free of
        charge, and which is designed to aid development of certain
        information handling applications, under the following conditions:

        I - The software provided is not a finished industrial product and
        cannot be accompanied by any kind of functional guarantee. It must
        only be considered a model or aid for the creation of other
        software. It is only designed to be used by experienced programmers
        who must be sure it is appropriate for the required use.

        GENICORP hopes this software will prove useful but does not
        guarantee that it will meet any of your needs and accepts no
        responsibility whatsoever for any direct or indirect consequences
        arising from its use.

        II - The software can be freely copied and passed to third parties
        on condition that they accept the terms of this user licence which
        should always accompany the software unchanged.

        III - The software can be freely modified. Modified versions can be
        distributed free or otherwise under the following conditions:

            - A comment at the top of each modified module must explicitly
            mention the name of the original module (name, date, version,
            GENICORP's name) as well as the details of the author of the
            - The original version and this user licence must be made
            available to the recipient of the modified version.

        IV - The software can be included in an application where the other
        components are either free or not, and this user licence remains
        applicable and should be given unchanged to recipients of the
        combined application.