oometadoc - Document properties management interface


        oometadoc <directory>


Simple graphical user interface allowing the user to get and set the metadata of the documents (SXW, SXI, SXC, ...) in a given directory.

The list of the files is shown in the main window. Each time the user selects a file (by double-clic or OK button), another window appears, with some property fields: title, author, subject, description, keywords. The flat text content is shown in a read-only field. The user can update any property, or insert/delete any keyword. A double-click on a word in the text content field appends the word to the keword list. 'OK' saves the changes in the file.


This script is provided as a demo and test tool, with a very basic user interface. There is no directory selection dialog box. Some file names with blank spaces and/or non-ASCII characters are not properly processed.


Requires Tk and some Tk extensions (TK::Dialog, Tk::LabFrame, Tk::LabEntry)