Changes for version 1.301 - 2005-02-07

  • Migration to XML::Twig
  • A lot of optimizations in and
  • Added flat XML files input option
  • Many internal changes in due to XML::Twig
  • A few internal changes in other modules due to XML::Twig
  • Added examples; put some examples in EXE_FILES
  • Documentation update
  • Makefile.PL update; XML::XPath no longer required: XML::Twig required


Introduction to Open Office Document Connector
Notes of the OpenOffice::OODoc man pages


A library for direct document processing
Top level component for content processing
I/O operations with files
Image manipulation methods
Access to document file descriptor
Access to document properties (metadata)
Document styles and layout processing
The text processing submodule of OpenOffice::OODoc
Low-level XML navigation in the documents


in OODoc/
in OODoc/
in OODoc/