1.207	2005-01-28
	- Fixed a normalizeSheet() issue in Text.pm
	- Added a few more shortcuts in XPath.pm
	- Some optimizations in XPath.pm and Text.pm
1.206	2005-01-27
	- Documentation update
	- Added several spreadsheet management features in Text.pm
	- "readable XML" option in XPath.pm
	- Row/cell addressing improvements for spreadsheets in Text.pm
	- Added cellSpan() in Text.pm
	- Bug fixes in getCellValue() and updateCell() in Text.pm
	- Replaced "createoodoc" by "oobuild" in the examples
1.205	2004-09-20
	- Fixed a bug in createImageElement(); this could prevent the user from
	inserting images in presentation or drawing documents
1.204	2004-09-07
	- Fixed a MSWin32 issue that could cause failures in the ooCreateFile()
	method (File.pm) - thanks to crazyinsomniac[at]yahoo.com
1.203	2004-08-03
	- Fixed a bug that prevented the user from using custom templates (File.pm)
	- Removed Archive::Zip version control (due to a numbering anomaly in
	the PPM/Windows Archive::Zip distribution)
	- Downgraded File::Temp version control from 1.14 to 1.12 (that is the
	current PPM/Windows version)
	- Documentation update
1.202	2004-07-30
	- Removing an unneeded warning when no colormap is loaded
1.201	2004-07-30
	- Many changes in File.pm to allow the creation of new documents
	- Added many template files for document creation
	- Added Manifest.pm and Manifest.pod
	- Added contentClass() and getRootElement() in XPath.pm
	- Added readConfig() function in OODoc.pm and config.xml file
	- Added date conversion functions from OOo to time() format in Meta.pm
	- Added contentClass() in XPath.pm
	- Added oo2rgb(), rgb2oo(), ooLoadColorMap() in Styles.pm
	- Changed createImageElement() in Image.pm, allowing easy use in presentation
	  and drawing documents
	- Included Time::Local and File::Temp in the PREREQ_PM
	- Installation procedure is now parametrizable (Makefile.PL)
	- Small changes in the test scripts
	- Added an example and update some other ones
	- Documentation update
	- Created OODoc.pod; removed POD from OODoc.pm
1.111	2004-07-11
	- New method to generate unique names for temporary files (File.pm)
	  due to an incompatibility with Archive::Zip 1.12
	- Added write permission check in the working directory in the save()
	  method (File.pm)
	- Added the workingDirectory() accessor in the main module
1.109	2004-07-08
	- Removed redundant "use" statements in a test script
	- Small documentation update; no change in the code
1.108	2004-07-08
	- Small documentation update; no change in the code
1.107	2004-07-06
	- Fixed 2 bugs in the setSpan() method (Text.pm)
	- Fixed an encoding issue in a search/replace low level routine (XPath.pm)
	- Added getTopParagraph() method (Text.pm);
	  this method was previously documented but not implemented
	- Added ooDecodeText() and ooEncodeText() in the main module
	- Minor corrections (again) in the documentation
	- Added 2 more examples
1.106	2004-05-27
	- Minor fixes in POD files; no change in the code
1.105	2004-05-26
	- Fixed some local encoding issues in XPath.pm
	- Added the extendText() method in XPath.pm
	- Fixed a style management bug in Text.pm (appendItem method
	- Added localEncoding() accessor in OODoc.pm
	- Test update
	- Added examples/TODO about the localisation of the examples
	- Documentation update
1.104	2004-03-12
	- Added most of the Reference Manual (converted from OOo to POD)
	- Added a POD version of the README (Intro.pod)
	- Added a new example
	- Reorganised some in line comments in POD
	- Included Licence (EN & FR) in the package
1.103	2004-03-09
	- Added comments
	- Added examples
	- Added more installation tests
1.102	2004-03-03
	- Initial CPAN distribution