This module is an Open Document management interface. It allows the users to
create or transform office documents, or to extract data from them. It can
handle documents which comply with the Open Document Format international
standard (ODF). It may handle text documents (ODT), spreadsheet documents
(ODS), as well as presentation (ODP) or drawing documents (ODG).

ODF::lpOD is the Perl implementation of the lpOD Project.

lpOD Project -- Languages & Platforms OpenDocument


Architect: Jean-Marie Gouarné <jean-marie.gouarne@online.fr>
Coordinator: Luis Belmar-Letelier <luis@itaapy.com>

Copyright owners for the Perl implementation:

  Copyright (c) 2010 Ars Aperta, Itaapy, Pierlis, Talend.
  Copyright (c) 2011 Jean-Marie Gouarné.

Developer/maintainer for the Perl implementation:

  Jean-Marie Gouarné <jmgdoc@cpan.org>