1.110   2011-03-10
  - Added change log in the distribution.
  - TextStyle: added 'variant' option.
  - Document: XML indent if debug mode, added register_style() as an alias
  for insert_style(); bug fix in get_style().
  - Element.pm: Bug fixes and improvements regarding XML imports.
  - Style.pm : Number style handling improvement.
  - All: many comment changes.
  - Doc updates.
1.111   2011-03-30
  - Table.pm: Added out of range security to get_rows() and get_cells();
  improved cell span handling.
  - Document.pm: Added the 'handlers' and 'roots' options with get_part().
  - TextElement.pm: Added reference mark support methods.
  - Detail change in t/test01_write.t.
  - Doc improvements.
1.112   2011-05-10
  - TextElement.pm: bug fix in set_note(), improved get_text() recursive.
  - StructuredContainer.pm: new odf_toc methods.
  - Style.pm: underline options improvement, doc error fix (#67409),
  added register()/insert() method, 'stroke-.*' attribute handling improvement.
  - Documentation: clarified some details, fixed errors and typos.