lpOD Project -- Languages & Platforms OpenDocument
Perl distribution

System requirements:

- Perl 5.10.0 or later
- Archive::Zip 1.30 or later
- XML::Twig 3.32 or later

The File::Type and Image::Size Perl modules are recommended.


The Perl programs using lpOD must include the single statement below in order
to load the whole library:

  use ODF::lpOD;

Installation instructions (CPAN package)

Installation procedure:

1) Uncompress the distribution archive (tar.gz);

2) Move in the directory created by the decompression ('ODF-lpOD-nnn', where
nnn is the version number);

3) Execute "perl Makefile.PL";

4) Execute "make test" (optional but recommended);

5) If nothing looks wrong, execute "make install" as system administrator from
the same directory.