lpOD Project -- Languages & Platforms OpenDocument
Perl distribution - Developement package (2010-06-20)

System requirements:

- Perl 5.10.0 or later
- Archive::Zip 1.30 or later
- XML::Twig 3.32 or later


The Perl programs using lpOD must include the single statement below in order
to load the whole library:

  use ODF::lpOD;

Installation instructions (CPAN package)

Installation procedure:

1) Uncompress the distribution archive (tar.gz);

2) Move in the directory created by the decompression ('ODF-lpOD-nnn', where
nnn is the version number);

3) Execute "perl Makefile.PL";

4) If nothing looks wrong, execute "make install" as system administrator from
the same directory.

Note than "make test" doesn't presently work, knowing that the installation
test suite is not implemented yet.

Once installed, lpOD may be used by all the users of the system; they just have
to include, of course, the "use ODF::lpOD" statement in their Perl programs.

About this release

This release is covers only a part of the lpOD functional specification.
The full implementation is in progress.