Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Novelty_Mutation - Mutation guaranteeing new individual is not in the population


  my $mmdp = new  Algorithm::Evolutionary::Fitness::MMDP;
  my $bits = 36;
  my @population;
  for ( 1..100 ) { #Create and evaluate a population
    my $indi = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Individual::BitString $bits;
    $indi->evaluate( $mmdp );
    push @population, $indi;
  my $nm = new Algorithm::Evolutionary::Op::Novelty_Mutation $mmdp->{'_cache'}; #Initialize using cache

Base Class



Attempts all possible mutations in order, until a "novelty" individual is found. Generated individuals are checked against the population hash, and discarded if they are already in the population.


new( $ref_to_population_hash [,$priority] )

Creates a new mutation operator with an operator application rate (general for all ops), which defaults to 1, and stores the reference to population hash.

apply( $chromosome )

Applies mutation operator to a "Chromosome", a bitstring, really. Can be applied only to victims composed of [0,1] atoms, independently of representation; but it checks before application that the operand is of type BitString.


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