2018-03-13  Juan J. merelo  <jmerelo@penny>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Fitness/Skewed.pm (Algorithm): Adding this new way of adding noise to a function. This should probably go to Algorithm::Evolutionary::Fitness, but I'll sort it out later. 

2017-10-29  Juan J. merelo  <jmerelo@penny>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Fitness/Randomized.pm (Algorithm): We do need this kind of function to reflect the true nature of noisy optimization functions, which change skewness and lots of other things, including amplitude, on the fly. 

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Fitness/SkewTrap.pm (Algorithm): Adds a new "uncertain" function for uncertain optimization with EAs (uncertEAn). And I have really been a long time without writing anything there... 

2013-01-06  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/Base.pm: Tried to supress memorize
	arity. Don't do it. 

2013-01-05  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/Tournament_Selection.pm (apply):
	Changed call to subroutine to using hash value for speed. 

2012-12-08  Juan J. Merelo  <jmerelo@sheldon>

	* scripts/tide_float.pl: Changed script to make it end when
	solution is found.

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/VectorCrossover.pm (apply): Fixed
	bug: the incoming parent was modified along with the offspring. 

2012-07-10  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* MANIFEST: Eliminating pod.t also in production code.

2012-07-09  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* MANIFEST: Eliminated pod-coverage.t, which is not needed for
	production and causes errors in some systems. 

2012-07-08  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* MANIFEST: Adding missing test files

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm: Starting a maintenance version,
	which will include the bugs fixed since last summer. 
	Since there's a bug fix, I think I'm going for full 0.78...

2012-05-21  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/Uniform_Crossover_Diff.pm (apply):
	Fixing potentially evil bug: this operator shouldn't, but it
	modified one of the two individuals under crossover, making
	mutation and crossover rate higher... 

2012-04-18  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/Breeder_Diverser.pm (apply):
	Mostly doc changes. 

2011-11-23  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Individual/Vector.pm (clone): Change
	suggested by Cristoph Meissner, comma between fitness and

2011-02-20  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/Breeder_Diverser.pm (apply): Made
	even more diverse by not inserting the new individual if it is the
	same as the parent; refactored also to best practices.

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/Uniform_Crossover_Diff.pm (apply):
	Changed to leave at least one difference without change

2011-02-19  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/Breeder_Diverser.pm (apply):
	Changed to make diversification higher: offspring is chosen in
	turn, instead of chosing it randomly, which avoids repeating.

2011-02-16  Juan J. Merelo  <jmerelo@sheldon>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm: Upgraded to 0.76_2 by eliminating
	a useless test and changing Clone::Fast to Clone in another test  

2011-02-14  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/Storing.pm: Eliminating all traces
	of Clone::Fast (I expect).

2011-02-13  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* MANIFEST: Added Breeder_Diverser (with test) to the distro, with

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm (import): Fixed upstream bug in
	Clone::Fast for Perl 5.12 by changing it by Clone. Thanks to
	Leandro Hermida and Jérôme Quelin for reports. 

2010-12-18  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>
	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm (import): Starting 0.76 with pod
	editions .

2010-12-16  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@usuario-desktop>

	* MANIFEST: Added combined operator and QuadXOver-Diff.

2010-12-16  Juan J. Merelo  <jmerelo@sheldon>

	* MANIFEST: Added Breeder (take population and create new one) with test

2010-12-08  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/QuadXOver.pm (apply): Eliminating
	type checks for speed

2010-12-07  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/Canonical_GA_NN.pm (apply): Fixed
	QuadXOver to avoid total interchange (initial point = 0 )

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm:  Mainly a maintenance release,
	with the spin fix below. 

2010-09-28  Juan J. Merelo  <jmerelo@sheldon>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm: Added tests to see what can make some of them fail

2010-11-24  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@usuario-desktop>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Wheel.pm (spin): Changed spin
	implementation to make it faster and more efficient. It was
	sucking time out of mastermind EAs

2010-09-25  Juan J. Merelo  <jmerelo@sheldon>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Fitness/Rastrigin.pm (Rastrigin):
	Fixed formula

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm: Starting 0.74_1 with cosmetic
	changes and an attempt to fix sporadic test errors.  

2010-09-24  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@usuario-desktop>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Fitness/Rastrigin.pm (Rastrigin): Added first floating-point fitness func.

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Utils.pm (random_number_array): Added this function

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Individual/BitString.pm (from_string): Added from_string ctor

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Individual/String.pm (from_string): Changed name and slightly modified

	* t/0002-utils.t: Added this file to test utility functions in the Utils module. 

	* t/ops.t (createAndTest): Added a missing operator

	* Makefile.PL: Updated versions

	* t/general.t: Eliminated some repeated tests.

2010-01-26    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* TODO: Updated TODO and version number in A::E. Start 0.73

	* MANIFEST: Fixed some annoying bugs, and added a new module that
	simplifies using a Canonical Genetic algorithm.

2009-11-17    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/String_Mutation.pm (new): Added
	this new operator, which does the same that StringRand, but I can
	at least understand what it does.

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Individual/Base.pm (AUTOLOAD): Added
	AUTOLOAD method for authomatic definition of methods for instance

2009-10-14    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Utils.pm (decode_string): Fixed bug
	when $min != 0 thanks to patch by Mike Gajewski
2009-09-14  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>

	* t/0601-cga-gif-output.t: Fixed copy/pasted docs for gif-animated-output. 

2009-09-13    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/Population_Output.pm (apply):
	Starting documentation revision for developer releases.

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary/Op/EDA_step.pm (apply): Added new
	module implementing estimation of distribution algorithms; added
	test and example in /examples

2009-07-30  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm: Moved a GUI example to the
	scripts dir so that it's installed automatically. Expanded
	documentation to reflect that. Fixed also error (population
	explosion) in Easy_MO.

2009-07-28  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm: Starting 0.70_1 with the
	classical documentation fixes. 

	* MANIFEST: 0.70 fixes a bug in Easy.pm and those derived from it:
	last population element was not eliminated. An animated GIF output
	has been added, and a bug in Makefile.PL that caused problems with
	Solaris has also been fixed (Thanks to Alex Muntada).

2009-07-26    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm (import): 0.69_1 fixed some
	problems with missing prerrequisites in the test programs, and
	some copy/paste stuff left from creating new modules. 0.70 starts
	with the intention of finally having a GUI.

2009-07-24    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm: 0.68 was shortlived, but 0.69
	more or less the same. 0.69 included missing file and fixed some
	docs errors; 0.69_1 starts with the same objective, let's see how
	it ends.

2009-07-24  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>

	* TODO: 0.68 ends with several new test functions added (Trap,
	ECC), and finally a multiobjective evolutionary algorithm, not
	very good, but in working order.

2009-03-29    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm: 0.68 starts with the usual
	cosmetic changes to the documentation.  

	* Added "rough consensus" utility as well as a "convergence
	terminator", which checks whether a part of the population has
	converged. Upgraded to 0.67. Already!

2009-02-21  jmerelo  <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm (import): Changing to 0.64_2 to
	eventually fix  the 0500-generation-skel.t, which was not written
	correctly. Also fixed some doc problems.

2009-02-18  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>

	* scripts/canonical-genetic-algorithm.pl: Mostly doc changes

2009-02-11  Juan J. Merelo  <jmerelo@vega>

	* t/0500-generation-skel.t: Add test for replacer

	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm (import): 0.64_1 set the correct version of Statistics::Basic; <1 does not work.

2009-02-09  jmerelo  <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* Change to 0.63
	* lib/Algorithm/Evolutionary.pm (import): fixed pod problem
	* Added EXE_FILES to Makefile.PL to have examples indexed

2009-02-07  jmerelo  <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* Changed to 0.62_3
	* Fixed problems with XML code that made tests fail in some machines (those with XML::Parser::Style::EasyTree installed)

2009-02-06  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>

	* Fixed $VERSION bug that prevented correct indexing in CPAN
	* Changed to 0.62_2
	* Moved XML parsing code to a new place, so that it can be fixed more easily.

2009-02-04  jmerelo  <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* Checked problems with version number, change to 0:62_1

	* Added new operators for the SOCO paper.

2008-06-26  Juan Julián Merelo Guervós <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>
0.62 Oct 2008
	* Added new fitness functions.

2008-06-26  Juan Julián Merelo Guervós <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>
0.61 Jun 2008
        * Fixing version numbers in files that prevent indexing. Changing documentation to do so
        * Updated simulated annealing, with added example
        * Changed Makefile for separate examples distro
        * Minor refactoring of old classes
        * New tests for String added and passed mainly related to Tieing
        * Added Bit_Vector

2008-07-01  Juan Julián Merelo Guervós <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>
0.60 Jul 2008
        * Changed clone to Clone::Fast::clone and adapted to it
        * Fixed bug in canonical-genetic-algorithm
        * Fixed bug in Makefile.PL; make didn't do anything

2008-06-23  Juan Julián Merelo Guervós <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>
0.59 Jun 2008
        * Added canonical genetic algorithm demo
        * Added royal road fitness 

2008-06-23  Juan Julián Merelo Guervós <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>
0.58 Jun 2008
        * Reverting to old numbering scheme (thanks to bug report)
        * Added TODO

2008-06-23  Juan Julián Merelo Guervós <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>
0.5.8 Jun 2008
        * Added base class for String-based fitness functions
        * Cached evals for all siblings of A::E::F::String
        * Refactored A::E::F hierarchy
        * Fixed docs

2008-06-21  Juan Julián Merelo Guervós <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>
0.57 Jun 2008
        * Added ONEMAX	
        * Changed Indi::Base; uses self-evaluation

2008-06-18  Juan Julián Merelo Guervós <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>
0.56 Jun 2008
        * Solved XML::Parser dependence
        * Doc changes

2008-06-16  Juan Julián Merelo Guervós <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>
0.55 Jun 2008
        * So many changes I no longer know if it's worth the while to update this
        * Directory layout changed to standard CPAN
        * A::E::Fitness hierarchy added
        * Fixed occasional test failures
        * Many examples with test functions added

2005-11-14  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@localhost>
0.53_4 Nov 2005
	* Fixed many problems with DTDs. It should work now.
	* Fixed Changes and some docs.

Revision history for Perl extension Algorithm::Evolutionary.
0.51 Sept 22 2002
	- Fixed some problems with the PODs.
	- Updated to the version in CVS.
	- Fixed files missing in the MANIFEST.
	- Included all files mentioned in the YAPC::Europe presentation

0.01  Fri Jun  7 09:43:33 2002
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-AX -n Algorithm::Evolutionary