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Courier::Filter::Module::BlankBody - Blank-body message filter module for the Courier::Filter framework


    use Courier::Filter::Module::BlankBody;

    my $module = Courier::Filter::Module::BlankBody->new(
        response    => $response_text,

        logger      => $logger,
        inverse     => 0,
        trusting    => 0,
        testing     => 0,
        debugging   => 0

    my $filter = Courier::Filter->new(
        modules     => [ $module ],


This class is a filter module class for use with Courier::Filter. It matches a message if its body is blank or consists only of whitespace, which is a frequent symptom of stupid spammers.


The following constructor is provided:

new(%options): returns Courier::Filter::Module::BlankBody

Creates a new BlankBody filter module.

%options is a list of key/value pairs representing any of the following options:


A string that is to be returned literally as the match result in case of a match. Defaults to "Message body is blank".

All options of the Courier::Filter::Module constructor are also supported. Please see "new" in Courier::Filter::Module for their descriptions.

Instance methods

See "Instance methods" in Courier::Filter::Module for a description of the provided instance methods.


Courier::Filter::Module, Courier::Filter::Overview.

For AVAILABILITY, SUPPORT, COPYRIGHT, and LICENSE information, see Courier::Filter::Overview.


Julian Mehnle <>