Revision history for Perl extension IPC::System::Simple.

1.30    2020-03-23 21:16 America/New York

        * SUBSTANCE:  On MSWin32, make Win32::Process a prerequisite (needed
          for non-Strawberry Perl builds).  As recommended by A Sinan Unur.

1.29    2020-03-22 08:22 America/New York

        * SUBSTANCE:  Better workaround for bug in perl-5.8.9
          (GHI 23); contributed by Slaven Rezić.

1.28    2020-03-21 21:39 America/New York

        * SUBSTANCE:  Improved handling of shell commands on Windows,
          mostly per suggestions by David Wheeler.  This should get us
          closer to resolving Win32-related issues.  (There should be no
          change of functionality on Unix-like platforms.)

        * TESTING:  Add t/args.t per David Wheeler.  Modify t/win32.t per

        * META:  Added Travis and AppVeyor configuration files.
          Eliminated use of Dist::Zilla for build.  Using older, but
          more reliable and better understood (by maintainer)
          ExtUtils::MakeMaker-based configuration.  Add LICENSE, README,
          Makefile.PL, MANIFEST and MANIFEST.SKIP; remove dist.ini.  Move author
          testing to xt/directory.

1.28_001  2020-03-21 16:42 America/NewYork
          TRIAL RELEASE only
          Attempting to resolve numerous Win32 issues

1.26      2020-01-24 20:47 America/NewYork
        * BUILD: Update FAIL_POSIX warning message
          Per:  Thanks to scop.

        * TEST: t/07_taint.t: Use executable name as source of taintedness
          Thanks to Petr Písař.

        * OTHER: Typographic corrections:
 60211; leonerd++
 86403; dsteinbrunner++

          Add Travis configuration.

1.26-TRIAL      2020-01-24 03:43:20 GMT
          TRIAL release only

1.25      2013-10-20 13:38:32 Pacific/Auckland

        * BUILD: No longer ship unrequired file Debian_CPANTS.txt.
          (GH #7, thanks to real-dam)

1.24      2013-10-18 16:27:39 Australia/Melbourne

        * BUILD: No longer mark BSD::Resource as required (GH #6).

        * TEST: Skip core-dump tests on OS X. They're not as
          straightforward as the test script would like. (GH #5).

1.23      2013-10-08 14:50:50 Australia/Melbourne

        * BUGFIX: Silence "Statement unlikely to be reached" warning
          (Karen Etheridge)

        * BUGFIX: Repository information fix, and typo fixes (@dsteinbrunner)

        * BUILD: Converted to using dzil.

1.22  Tue Oct  8 14:49:43 AUSEST 2013

        * Same as 1.23 release, but with booched changelog. Oops! :)

1.21  Tue Mar 23 12:08:47 AUSEST 2010
        * TEST: t/win32.t has more sane handling of skipped and
          unimplimented tests.

        * TEST: Author tests no longer leave the permissions of
          not_an_exe.txt permanently changed.

        * BUGFIX: capture/capturex no longer break STDOUT when
          running an unknown command under Windows.  Many thanks
          to Jan Krynicky for a fix.  (RT #48319)

        * BUILD: Upgraded to Module::Install 0.93.

1.20  Sat Jan  9 15:08:41 AUSEST 2010

        * TEST: t/win32.t no longer claims to have more tests than
          it really has.  This fixes an install issue under Windows.
          RT #53124.  Thanks to Erez Schatz and Curtis Jewell for
          spotting this.

1.19  Fri Dec  4 14:14:25 AUSEST 2009

        * TEST: Added tests to ensure correct behaviour when
          calling commands in Windows which are contained in directories
          that contain spaces. (These tests are currently skiped,
          as they're testing for a known bug.)

        * BUGFIX: Spurious warnings about redefining POSIX macros
          no longer plague Windows systems.

1.18  Sun Feb  8 19:09:15 AUSEDT 2009

        * BUGFIX: IPC::System::Simple should now compile cleanly
          under 5.6.0 and 5.6.1 (as well as 5.6.2+).  Many thanks
          to David Golden for spotting this bug.  (RT #43098)

        * DOCUMENTATION: "Advanced" is now spelt correctly under
          in the section "Advanced Usage".  Many thanks to
          Raymond Wan for spotting this typo.  (RT #42705)

1.17  Fri Dec 19 00:45:16 AUSEDT 2008
        * TEST: Tests to ensure that passing undefined values to
          systemx() do not produce malformed errors, but instead
          well-formed errors.  Many thanks to Nadim Khemir for
          spotting this.  RT #41149.

        * BUGFIX: Workaround for a bug under Perl 5.10 where on
          some platforms coredumps were not being reported in $?.
          Many thanks to the Debian Perl folks for finding this,
          particularly Gregor Herrmann.

        * TEST: Better diagnostics from t/08_core.t.

        * TEST: t/08_core.t now cleans up its core files after running.
          Thanks to Gregor Herrmann for spotting this.

        * TEST: t/08_core.t is now a main test, rather than an
          author-only test.

        * BUGFIX: Attempting to call an undefined command is now
          a fatal error.

        * VERSION: Since ISS is now very stable, and provides a
          significantly improved interface to the default system()
          command, the major version number has been incremented.

          There are no incompatible changes with previous version.
          The increment of the major version number is to indicate
          stability only.

0.16  Sun Sep 14 11:29:17 AUSEST 2008
        * DOCUMENTATION: Updated documentation on $EXITVAL to provide
          extra clarification.  Many thanks again to Elliot Shank
          for the feedback!

        * DOCUMENTATION: Noted that run() and system() are aliases for each
          other.  Thanks again for Elliot Shank for the feedback.

        * DOCUMENTATION: Fixed a few missing double-quotes in the
          systemx() documentation.  Thanks to Andrew Dent for spotting these!

        * DOCUMENTATION: Added a feedback section.  If you find this module
          useful, consider rating it at

        * BUILD: Upgraded to Module::Install 0.77

0.15  Sat Jul 19 23:26:18 PDT 2008
        - runx() is now correctly in @EXPORT_OK.  Many thanks
          to Elliot "clonezone" Shank for spotting this in
          RT #37793.
        - Added exports test case.

0.14  Sat Jul 19 00:26:01 AEST 2008
        - We should now recognise "not implemented on this architecture"
          POSIX errors from Perl 5.11.0
        - Fixed an invalid specification of resources in META.yml.

0.13  Thu Jul 17 20:36:42 AEST 2008
        - Added examples directory with examples.
        - Updated manifest to include error message regession tests.
        - Test::Kwalitee is now marked as an author-only test.
        - Added tests for correct handling of 32-bit values in
          win32.t.  Corrected documentation regarding Win32 exitval
          size.  Thanks to Jan Dubois for alerting me to the 32-bitness
          of Windows exit values.
        - Added tests to ensure that newlines are properly stripped
          with single-arg system and capture.
        - Pod and Pod Coverage tests are now marked as author-only.
        - Added perl core identical rules for determining the Windows
        - Added META.yml resources, including blog, bugtracker,
          forum, and repository.
        - Additional tests to ensure returns from capture() are
          properly tainted (when running in taint mode).
        - Added systemx() and capturex() that _never_ invoke the
          shell.   Thanks to ikegami for prodding me on these.
          (RT #37683)

0.12  Fri Jun  6 17:15:52 AEST 2008
        - Corrected doubled package names in some diagnostics
          when used in taint mode, or when run() is called without

0.11  Fri Jun  6 12:15:39 AEST 2008
        - Drop-in system() replacement available.
        - Simplified synopsis statement.
        - Provided advanced usage documentation.
        - Added comparison to other system APIs.
        - Updated Changes to put most recent changes at top.
        - Makefile.PL tweaks to build cleanly under Debian's dh-make-perl.
        - Upgraded to Module::Install 0.75 with custom bugfixes.

0.10  Thu May 15 00:39:59 AEST 2008
        - Multi-arg captures now work on Perl 5.6.x. (RT #35866)
        - Minor corrections to diagnostics documentation.
        - Adjusted module summary.

0.09  Mon May 12 23:38:29 AEST 2008
        - Test suite now provides better diagnostics if taint
          tests fail unexpectedly early.
        - Multi-argument run() will now search $ENV{PATH}
          under Win32.
        - Documented $ENV{PATH} foibles on Win32 systems under
          the Windows-specific notes section of the documentation.
        - Implemented capture(), which is the equivalent
          of run() for backticks.
        - General documentation improvements and clarifications,
          thanks to Jacinta Richardson.
        - The special value EXIT_ANY (aka [-1]) can be used to
          indicate that any exit value is acceptable from a process.
        - Added author-only Perl::Critic tests.
        - Updated diagnostics section in POD.
        - License changed to that of Perl 5.6.0, or any later version.
        - LICENSE file added to distribution.
        - Moved to Module::Install for build system.
        - Better failures when seeing unexpected things from
        - Support for detecting core-dumps added.
        - All failure messages now use double-quotes when quoting
          variable sections.
        - Diagnostics documentation rearraged to have most common
          errors listed first.

0.08  Sun Apr 13 13:38:49 AEST 2008
        - Numerous documentation fixes thanks to Matt Kraai
          (RT #34896)
        - Updated t/07_taint.t to not fail on systems that have
          zero-length environment strings.
        - Updated taint checks to always run on 5.6.x, under
          0.07 they would never run on older perls.

0.07  Sat Apr 12 11:57:28 AEST 2008
        - Changed tests to use SIGKILL rather than SIGINT to avoid
          complications on systems where SIGINT is masked.
        - All dependencies now explicitly stated in Makefile.PL.
        - run() now explicitly checked for tainted arguments and
          environment, and provides helpful diagnostics if found.
        - Removed mention of unimplemented capture() command in

0.06  Thu Sep  6 18:09:50 AEST 2007
        - Warnings are no longer emitted on failed calls to system().
        - Multiple argument run() no longer uses the shell under Win32.
        - 16-bit native exit values are now returned on Win32 systems.
        - WIF* POSIX commands that are not defined are more correctly
          handled, particularly under Perl 5.6.  Thanks to Laurent
          Laporte for the bug report (RT #29080).
        - README and POD improved.

0.05  Mon Apr  9 16:22:22 AEST 2007
        - Removed spurious double-quotes in error messages reporting
          unexpected exit values and an internal error message.  Thanks
          to Jon Swartz for spotting these.

0.04  Mon Oct 30 15:14:53 AEST 2006
        - Fixed path issue with tests that would cause them
          to fail on some systems where "." was not in the
        - Tests now always use the system-configured perl for
          invoking commands.

0.03  Tue Jul 25 12:07:09 AEST 2006
        - Documentation improvements

0.02  Tue Jul 25 12:05:50 AEST 2006
        - Updated to emulate WIFEXITED on systems that don't provide them
        - Signal tests skipped under Win32
        - Better testing

0.01  Fri Jul 21 19:27:45 2006
        - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
                -b 5.6.0 -X IPC::System::Simple