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Devel::NYTProf Installation Notes

For the most part, users on Unix-like operating system can do:

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

The module library tried to speed thing up when running in forkmode by using
fpruge() to delete potential duplicated buffers.  Unfortunately, althrough
fpurge() *is* in the GNU manual, operating systems largely implement it very
differently.  The Makefile.PL does some magic to find out where your particular
version of fpurge is.  Usually it can be found in stdio.h or stdio_ext.h, so
make sure those are in your INCLUDE path.  It is also sometimes named fpurge
_fpurge or __fpurge.


The module was written to compile silently with -Wall -pedantic -ansi.  Some
warnings might be generated from methods like XS_blah.  These are in Perl
generated code and cannot be fixed by me.