=head1 NAME

DateTime::Format::DateParse - Parses Date::Parse compatible formats


    use DateTime::Format::DateParse;

    my $dt = DateTime::Format::DateParse->parse_datetime( $date );
    my $dt = DateTime::Format::DateParse->parse_datetime( $date, $zone );


This module is a compatibility wrapper around L<Date::Parse>.

=head1 USAGE

=head2 Import Parameters

This module accepts no arguments to it's C<import> method and exports no

=head2 Methods

=head3 Class Methods

=over 4

=item * parse_datetime($date [, $zone])

Accepts a L<Date::Parse> compatible C<$date> string and optionally a
L<Time::Zone> compatible C<$zone> string.

Returns a L<DateTime> object.


=head1 GOTCHAS

=over 4

=item * If L<parse_datetime> is called on a C<$date> that doesn't know specify
a timezone and C<$zone> is not set, then the timezone of the returned
L<DateTime> object will be set to the C<local> timezone.  This is consistent
with the behavior of L<Date::Parse>.

=item * If L<parse_datetime> is called without a C<$zone> but the C<$date>
string I<does> specify a timezone/offset or if L<parse_datetime> is called with
a C<$zone> that L<DateTime::TimeZone> does not understand, the returned
L<DateTime> object will have it's timezone set to a fixed offset from UTC.
This means that C<DST> information is not available and date math will not
reflect C<DST> transitions.  This may be resolved for true timezones by using
the L<DateTime::TimeZone::Alias> module to C<alias> the L<Time::Zone> timezone
to an Olson DB name.  This may be done automatically in a future release.


=head1 CREDITS

Graham Barr (GBARR) <gbarr@pobox.com>, author of L<Date::Parse>

Everyone at the DateTime C<Asylum>.

=head1 SUPPORT

Support for this module is provided via the <datetime@perl.org> email list.  See
L<http://lists.perl.org/> for more details.

=head1 AUTHOR

Joshua Hoblitt (JHOBLITT) <jhoblitt@cpan.org>


Copyright (c) 2005-6  Joshua Hoblitt. All rights reserved. This program is free
software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl

The full text of the licenses can be found in the I<LICENSE> file included with
this module, or in L<perlartistic> and L<perlgpl> as supplied with Perl 5.8.1
and later.

=head1 SEE ALSO

L<Date::Parse>, L<Time::Zone>, L<DateTime>, L<DateTime::TimeZone>,
L<DateTime::TimeZone::Alias>, L<http://datetime.perl.org/>