This Perl extension implements the BSD process resource limit functions

	getrusage()	getrlimit()	setrlimit()

and the BSD process priority functions.  These are available also via
core Perl but here we do more tricks so that the PRIO_* are available.

	getpriority()	setpriority()

Also is provided


which provides the same functionality as the one in core Perl, only
with better time resolution.

To install read the INSTALL.

Documentation is available in pod format in Resource.pm.

Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@iki.fi>

NOTE 0: Perl 5 is required. Also is required the same C compilation
environment that was used to compile that Perl 5.

NOTE 1: If your operating system does not support these BSD functions,
Perl cannot help. In detailed terms: you _must_ have the C header file
<sys/resource.h> *). If you do not, this package is of little use to you.

NOTE 2: The header file alone is not enough: you must have library
support also. The C compiler include paths (-I...) and library paths
(-L...) and the attempted libraries (-l...) are listed in Makefile.PL.

NOTE 3: You cannot set or get 64-bit rlimits for setrlimit()
and getrlimit().  This is a limitation of Perl, it does not handle
64 bit integers.

NOTE 4: More caveats (vendors' sloppy support for these things,
et alia)  in the Resource.pm inlined pod doc.


*) There is one exception to this on one platform. The terminally curious
   can find out where.

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