To compile

	perl Makefile.PL
	make test

Note that some of the tests (especially getrusage.t and times.t) are
sensitive to timing, and therefore sensitive to the overall load of
the testing machine.  If you get failures, wait for less busy moment
and rerun the tests few times.

To install

	make install

The documentation is the pod inlined into Resource.pm, use for example

	pod2man Resource.pm | nroff -man | more

to view the examples.

You can test how well the extension works with

	make test

Please report any bugs and/or missing/excess functionality to me.
Especially if your system does support these BSD functions but
the Makefile.PL fails to locate them, please let me know.
Remember to send the outputs of 'perl -v' and 'uname -a' (or equivalent).

NOTE: The test t/getpriority may fail because in some systems the
login shell may have an initial priority that is not 0 or 19, the
usual values and this priority may be inherited by your Perl process
doing the testing. Please run the test like this

	perl -Mblib t/getpriority.t

or (if the above does not work)

	perl -Iblib/arch -Iblib/lib t/getpriority.t

and report to me what it says and tell what kind of login you made.
(telnet, rlogin, slogin, klogin, ...?)

# eof