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DBIx::Class::UserStamp - Automatically set update and create user id fields


Automatically set fields on 'update' and 'create' that hold user id values in a table. This can be used for any user id based field that needs trigger like functionality when a record is added or updated.


 package MyApp::Schema;

 __PACKAGE__->mk_group_accessors('simple' => qw/current_user_id/);

 package MyApp::Model::MyAppDB;
 use Moose;

 around 'build_per_context_instance' => sub {
   my ($meth, $self) = (shift, shift);
   my ($c) = @_; # There are other params but we dont care about them
   my $new = bless({ %$self }, ref($self));
   my $user_info = $c->_user_in_session; 
   my $user = $new->schema->resultset('User')->new_result({ %$user_info });
   $new->schema->current_user_id($user->id) if (defined $user_info);
   return $new;

 package MyApp::Schema::SomeTable;

 __PACKAGE__->load_components(qw( UserStamp ... Core ));
    id => { data_type => 'integer' },
    u_created => { data_type => 'int', store_user_on_create => 1 },
    u_updated => { data_type => 'int',
        store_user_on_create => 1, store_user_on_update => 1 },

Now, any update or create actions will update the specified columns with the current user_id, using the current_user_id accessor.

This is effectively trigger emulation to ease user id field insertion



This method is meant to be overridden. The default is to return a schema accessor called current_user_id which should be populated as such.


 Matt S. Trout     <>


 John Goulah     <>


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.